Sunday 24 July 2011

Retrograde Mercury in Leo: Impressive Delays Combined with Unusually Creative Ideas!

Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, learning, commerce and short-distance travelling, will turn retrograde on August 3rd and won't go back into direct motion until August 25th. Although Mercury will be in the sign of Virgo once the retrograde motion begins, it will mainly transit the sign of Leo, so my analysis will focus on that sign. As I have also written in the past, the usual reaction of people on hearing that Mercury is turning retrograde involves anxiety, worry or even indignation, because of the expected delays in communications, transportations and commercial transactions, which Mercury in retrograde is renowned for. Although some delays are sure to be expected more frequently during a Mercury retrograde period than during a Mercury direct period, the zodiac sign in which this planet (or any planet for that matter) turns retrograde is of crucial importance. The reason is that the zodiac sign shows us the manner in which planetary energies will be manifested. Given that Mercury will be in retrograde motion primarily in the sign of Leo, it would be a good idea to take a closer look at what this sign symbolises.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and marks the peak of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere, a season where the temperature rises, people enjoy being outdoors and nature reaches its maximum abundance and vitality. Hence, Leo's association with warmth, joy, playfulness, enthusiasm, drama, flamboyance, generosity, creativity, luxury, grandeur and staying power. The sign of Leo is further associated with courage, confidence, honesty, dignity, nobility, loyalty, strength of will and pride but also with wilfulness, bossiness, pomposity and authoritarianism. So, how would Mercury's energies manifest in our world during Mercury's retrograde motion through the sign of Leo? Here are a few ideas.

Firstly, it is likely that we engage ourselves in communications that are characterised by enthusiasm, warmth, playfulness, generosity, and even drama, flamboyance and plenty of honesty. This, however, may also get us into situations where speaking our mind and standing our ground make us appear stubborn, intolerant and somehow arrogant. Another possibility is that we evince courage, staying power, and leadership potential in projects and activities related to learning, speaking, writing, trading, driving and networking, among other projects and activities that require primarily mental skills. It thus seems that transiting Mercury in Leo reflects the confidence and urge for recognition that are necessary for completing a study course or passing an exam, for expressing our opinions honestly and for taking the lead in networking and commercial activities.

Nevertheless, in the above analysis I have not taken into account the fact that Mercury will soon be in retrograde motion. As I have also written in the past (click here to refresh your memory), a retrograde planet expresses its energies in a more inhibited and cautious manner, but also in a more unusual and inventive manner, than when the same planet is direct. Therefore, on the one hand, one should expect inhibition and caution in the way Mercurian energies are expressed; because of Leo's association with drama and impressiveness, we might well expect impressive and dramatic delays, setbacks and obstacles in communications, transportations and commercial dealings, as well as in learning and exam activities. Of course, this doesn’t mean that during this Mercury retrograde period we should refrain completely from travelling, buying products, signing documents, studying and taking exams, but that we should be aware of the possibility that some (or plenty of!!) frustration will be involved. For this reason, it would be worthwhile to take the time to think and to carefully examine the details before engaging in any of the above activities.

On the other hand, however, there is a touch of originality and inventiveness in the expression of retrograde Mercury. Therefore, it may not be uncommon to experience unusually enthusiastic, affectionate, playful, honest and even dramatic communications during this Mercury-in-Leo retrograde period. A further possibility is that we exhibit an unusual degree of creativity, courage, staying power and leadership potential in projects that require mental competence or mobility and trading skills. This may make for the expression of unusually creative ideas and for the completion of commercial and educational activities that require an unusual degree of courage and leadership potential. Stay tuned so that you find out how your personal zodiac sign is expected to incorporate the energies of this retrograde Mercury in Leo!

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