Thursday 31 January 2013

2013 Predictions – Part IV

Following from my previous post, this one will be the last one to focus on some of the insights that we can get from the stars regarding the ways in which 2013 will unfold in relation to our zodiac sign. Following the tradition of my blog related to starting from Pisces and moving clockwise in the zodiac, this post will cover Gemini, Taurus and Aries. The main astrological indicators that I will focus on are the transits of Jupiter and Saturn, although I will take into account transits of the faster moving planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) as well as those of the slower moving planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Jupiter will remain in the sign of Gemini until June 26th 2013 and will then move to Cancer where it will stay until June next year. On the other hand, Saturn will remain in Scorpio for the whole year. Concerning the slower moving planets, Pluto and Uranus will remain in Capricorn and Aries, respectively, whereas Neptune will be in its natural ‘habitat’, that is, Pisces.

 If, as I suspect, you’re only interested to read about your personal zodiac sign (or the sign of your loves ones), please scroll down until you find it. Each paragraph is devoted to a different sign, Gemini coming first, Taurus second, and so on. If you’re not quite sure under which zodiac sign you were born, you will notice the start and end dates of each sign being depicted in brackets next to the name of the corresponding sign. Please also note the following two things: a) If you were born on the cusp between two adjacent zodiac signs (e.g., April 20th, which would be the end of Aries and the beginning of Taurus), you might find it useful to read both signs and b) you might find it equally useful to read the sign of your Ascendant as well. For example, someone who was born on May 21st and has Scorpio ascending (like me!) would get more out of reading the signs of Taurus, Gemini and Scorpio.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

With Jupiter in your sign you are the most favored of the zodiac until June 26 when Jupiter enters Cancer. This transit of Jupiter, which is the planet of luck, development and welfare, only happens once every twelve years for each sign; this means that when you have Jupiter in your sign you should take full advantage of it. Although Jupiter does not solve all your problems or improve your life as if by magic, it does open up new doors and quite a few actually. The doors you choose to open may lead you to things, situations and people that you might have never imagined you could have in your life. Those of you born in the first half of the sign, that is May 21- June 6, have already witnessed Jupiter’s good luck during the second semester of 2012. Those born in the second half of the sign will start to gradually feel Jupiter’s luck during the first semester of 2013, especially from mid-April to late June.
Therefore, for you Gemini the first half of 2013 is a period of significant growth and unique opportunities that will come your way without you having to seek them out. These opportunities will help you achieve greater autonomy and see life with more optimism and wanderlust. This is because the action of Jupiter is liberating: it breaks the shackles that may have kept you in a relationship, job or situation that was stagnant and it thus helps you spread your wings and fly. It is almost certain that with Jupiter in your sign you’ll be given a gift that you may have been waiting for some time now. This way you’ll be able to make a dream come true and start your life over. This may be a new relationship, a pregnancy, a lucky house move, a job you’ve always wanted, going to university or applying for further education or simply doing a trip you've always dreamed of. Because in your case Jupiter rules both the field of relationships and partnerships as well as that of career, you are sure to have significant and positive developments in both areas. A new business relationship, a marriage, a promotion or a new job is among the possible scenarios.  

Especially for those of you born May 23-26 Neptune in your tenth solar house promises fame and recognition; just do not let it fool you, because "all that glitters is not gold." Plenty of irritation due to delays or misunderstandings regarding career and home should be expected because of retrograde Mercury from February 23 until March 17. Patience will be needed until April 6 to overcome some of these delays and misunderstandings. The lunar eclipse that will take place on May 25 and will activate Neptune will bring some emotional climax in relation to both your career and your partner; nevertheless, the simultaneous triple Mercury-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your sign indicates that this emotional climax may be related to a marriage or a good business deal that is perhaps done in secret. Finally, Jupiter will enter the sign of Cancer on June 26 to stay there until the end of the year. From that position it will increase your income and ignite your consumerist tendencies, but it will also boost your self-confidence and push you to cultivate old talents or discover new ones.  

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

With Saturn opposite your sign, this year is expected to be very important, though not necessarily easy, especially for those of you born from April 23 to May 10. Saturn is associated with discipline, method and diligence, so you’ll definitely be asked to demonstrate these qualities, which you may perceive as pressure. Transiting your seventh solar house, Saturn will remind you through the presence of an important person that you need to get down to work and that you need to make significant and perhaps painful cuts in your life; this way you'll be able to get rid of anything that does no longer serve any purpose. Despite the fact that changes are not your cup of tea, with Saturn in Scorpio opposite your sign you will be asked to detach yourself from past habits that have nothing to do with your current needs. Among other things, this may mean that you’ll have to make some budget cuts, although Jupiter from your second house will boost your income from early February until late June. Probably some work you started around June 2012 will finally start to pay off come February.  

In any case, Saturn in your seventh solar house is associated with significant responsibilities that have to do with a business or romantic partner. More specifically, you may decide to begin a serious business relationship or end an old one if it does no longer benefit you. Also, if you're already in a relationship, you'll start to consider if you really need this person in your life. If you think you really need it, then you’ll want to take your relationship one step further and to make it official, possibly through marriage or through planning to have a baby. If you feel that you do no longer need this person, you're quite likely to remove them from your life. If you're not in a relationship, it's quite likely that someone enters your life and becomes very important to you, although sometimes you may perceive them as somewhat oppressive and demanding.

One of the most critical periods of the year is expected to be the period from April 15 until May 9 when you get to have Venus, your ruler, in your sign. This transit, apart from making you indulge in love, outings, pleasure and socializing, will be marked by two successive eclipses, a lunar one on April 25 and a solar one on May 10. Processes and emotional tensions associated with what has been said above will reach a climax during those eclipses. It will be then when you make official or stop a romantic relationship or when you decide to start a serious business relationship or get rid of an old one. Also, your nerves may suffer a bit from October 21 until November 10, especially for those of you born April 22-May 8. The reason will be related to significant delays or misunderstandings that Mercury retrograde will bring in relation to personal issues but mainly to business partnerships, romantic relationships and marriage. Patience will be needed until November 27 before you can put an end to some of these delays and misunderstandings. Finally, Jupiter will enter the sign of Cancer on June 26 and will stay there until the end of the year. From that position, it will broaden your mind and increase your need for going on short trips, communicating your thoughts, contacting neighbors and kin, and acquiring new skills, such as driving and learning languages or how to use specific software. Buying a new car, motorbike or computer or fixing your old ones is also favoured from June 26 onwards.

Aries (March 20 – April 19)

With planet Uranus in your sign and with Pluto in a sign that is in natural conflict with yours for more than a year now, this year is expected quite challenging for you! Thus, the Uranus-Pluto square, which most strongly affects those of you born late March, will mark a series of radical changes related to important areas of your life such as your career, your social position, your family, your parents and your actual home. More specifically, with Uranus in your sign you’ll want to make a significant change in life without necessarily taking potential consequences into account. After all, you rarely think about the consequences of your actions!
The reason for this change may be given when your boss or one of your two parents try to impose themselves on you. Chances are this will be done in a rather subtle or sneaky way, for example through some emotional or financial manipulation. This situation will upset your emotional world, so you might want to rebel by performing a complete overhaul in your life. This overhaul may entail changing jobs, career, home, or family situation, and in any case it will create opportunities that will bring you much closer to fulfilling your purpose in life. The bottom line is that you’ll want to get rid of anything that’s kept you stagnant in the past thus gaining a whole new sense of who you are and what you want. Remember, however, that such changes, even if positive, will take time to be digested. If you're not the one to cause these changes and you thus experience them in a more negative manner, then remember that the more you resist, the more difficult it’ll be to adapt to them. Dates near which these changes will culminate are May 21 and November 1.
One of the most positive periods of the year is expected to be the period from March 22 until April 15 when Venus will be in your sign and you’ll want to indulge in love, outings, pleasure, and socializing. Nevertheless, your nerves may suffer a bit from June 26 to July 20, especially for those of you born April 3-13. The reason will be some significant delays or misunderstandings that Mercury retrograde will bring in relation to your home and family but also to your career. Patience will be required until August 4 before you can put an end to some of these delays and misunderstandings. Moreover, Jupiter will enter the sign of Cancer on June 26 and will stay there until the end of the year. From that position it will increase your desire to perform a complete overhaul in your life as mentioned above, particularly in your home life. Moving houses, renovating the one where you currently live, buying a new one, or extending your family through the arrival of a new baby is therefore quite likely in the second semester of 2013. Finally, the October 18 lunar eclipse will take place in your sign and will mainly affect those born near April 15. It may bring some emotional tension between you and your partner and it may have you consider either to break up or to further strengthen the bond between the two of you.

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