Wednesday 7 August 2013

New Moon in Leo: Healing wounds and promoting ourselves!

On August 6, 2013 at 9:50 pm, GMT, there is a New Moon at the 14th degree of Leo. In line with what happens at every New Moon, the Moon meets the Sun and we thus have the union of Spirit and Soul. So, the Spirit fertilizes the Soul with new ideas and that's why a New Moon is the right time to make a fresh start. Given that Mercury has just been released from its retrogradation in Cancer, these new ideas are revised versions of ideas that we have been examining since mid-June and they are related to cancerian themes, such as home, mother, family, emotional issues and relationships with children and parents. Nevertheless, the fact that Mercury does not receive any basic aspects from other planets reveals that our revised ideas regarding the issues above may fall on deaf ears or become the object of our obsession. Patience will be needed until August 24th and the superior Sun-Mercury conjunction when most obstacles will have been removed so that we can enjoy the application of our revised ideas.

It is worth noting that the only aspect that Mercury receives is one of the tightest made at this New Moon, which confirms the particularly important role that Mercury plays. This aspect is a sesquisquare to Chiron and indicates the determination of many of us to heal our wounds, especially our emotional wounds, and to get rid of feelings of rejection associated with people from our family. Indeed, the kite formed by the Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron grand trine in water and Pluto at the top (forming sextiles to Saturn / Chiron and an exact opposition to Jupiter) is very supportive. On one hand, the grand trine reveals the extreme ease with which our wounds and weaknesses (Chiron) can be improved (Jupiter) for good (Saturn). On the other hand, Pluto creates appropriate opportunities (sextiles) and the necessary intensity (opposition) for us to dive deep into our psyche in order to heal thoroughly (Pluto).

Also, the trine that this New Moon receives from Uranus promises an enthusiastic or even unexpected liberation from our wounds and weaknesses. This liberation brings with it benefits associated with the sign in which the New Moon takes place, Leo that is. Among the benefits are our personal independence and the celebration of our uniqueness so that we can be the object of love and admiration from others. Of course, all sorts of creative activities such as the art, the theatre, decoration and fashion, are much favoured by this new Moon in Leo. Equally favoured is any activity that allows us to express our creativity even if it is not artistic. After all, the highest form of creativity is procreation, which many couples may indulge in at this New Moon! Love, flirting and having fun is also favoured by the New Moon in Leo. Besides, it is a holiday season for many, so good times and love are probably among our main goals at the moment! Enjoy this New Moon of love and healing!

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