Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio: Sensuality and Enjoyment…

On 14 May 2014 at 19:15, GMT, there is a Full Moon taking place in the emotional and transformative sign of Scorpio. It is the first full moon that occurs after the solar eclipse of 29 April and therefore we are only now getting to see the first fruits of whatever chapter began in our lives close to the previous eclipse in Taurus. The fruits are associated with taurean needs related to enjoyment of life, material security and accumulation, but the Moon in Scorpio invites us to share these deeply with our most beloved people. For what’s the point of the pleasures of life if we cannot share them with the people we love? What’s the point of material security if we cannot enjoy it with those closest to us? Thus, this full moon calls for finding the right balance between ‘possessing’ and ‘sharing’ as well as between matter and emotion.

Saturn along with Moon in Scorpio will see to it by reducing any tendency to accumulate goods that only serve us and not the people close to us and by highlighting the need to share our feelings with them. Emotional expression and manifestation of sympathy and love for others is supported by the Mercury - Neptune square and all the more by the grand trine that the Moon forms with Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron in the water signs. Thus, the full moon may offer to many of us the gift of love, faith, emotional support and healing, gifts that will ease up any tensions brought about by the recent grand cross in the cardinal signs.

More specifically, the tensions and dilemmas brought about by the grand cross regarding whether to maintain faith in one’s family (Jupiter in Cancer), fight for one’s marriage (Mars in Libra), make a career change (Pluto in Capricorn) or rebel against everyone and everything (Uranus in Aries) appear to be solved to some extent with the help of this full moon. And the solution comes through love, understanding, faith and acceptance that only the grand trine in water is able to offer. This can mean that a relationship that was on the verge of separation is saved at the last minute because of the deep understanding and forgiveness shown between the two partners. But it can also mean that the separation is inevitable, yet more loving than one would expect. We also need to remember that Venus activates the grand cross, which means that the current full moon favours radical changes in values and relationships, changes that aim at fixing whatever needs to be fixed. Let us not forget too that both Taurus and Scorpio have to do with sensuality and eroticism, so enjoying love should be high on your list right now! Enjoy the full moon!!

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