Monday 23 July 2018

Lunar Eclipse Across Leo-Aquarius: Anger Dismissed!

On July 27 2018 at 8:20 pm, GMT, a lunar eclipse takes place with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo. It is the second and last lunar eclipse of the year, following the July 13 solar eclipse and preceding the 11 August solar eclipse. Although eclipses have a bad reputation, it is good to understand that they represent the culmination of processes that may have started a long time ago, often up to six months earlier. Given that, in eclipses, one of the two Lights (Sun / Moon) "goes out", eclipses signify the end of a major chapter in our lives and the beginning of a new one.

Although this is even truer of solar eclipses, because they are at the same time New Moons, lunar eclipses too signify the end and the beginning of an important chapter in our lives. More specifically, this chapter will refer to lunar issues such as our everyday life, our basic needs, our domestic and family situation, our emotional responses, and our relationships with important women such as mother and the spouse / partner. Furthermore, because an eclipse can be perceived as a lack or shortage, there can be deficiencies in the above-mentioned issues or relationships that mobilize us into action.

Presently, with the Moon in Aquarius, the eclipse seems to culminate processes, to highlight shortcomings and to close / open chapters on issues of collective, social and ideological importance, and on issues related to the need for freedom and rebellion. However, the fact that the Moon in Aquarius is conjunct with both retrograde Mars and the Lunar South Node reveals that there is a lot of accumulated anger. This anger stems from the above issues and needs but one will probably have to put this feeling away as it will lead nowhere. Therefore, emotional outbursts, anger, and spontaneous aggression should be rather limited in order for anger to be dismissed, even if this involves emotional coldness and distance (T-Square involving the Lights and Mars and with Uranus atop).   

Besides, Mercury, unaspected and retrograde, tends to hinder communication and expression of ideas, unable to find an appropriate channel for his energy. Therefore, discussions and negotiations face a temporary impasse and are postponed until 19 August, when Mercury goes direct.

Finally, with Venus in Virgo in secondary aspects of frustration with the Lights, Mars and Uranus, ample irritation surrounds relationships and economic dealings due to the need for order, usefulness and resource utilization. This way, however, it is easy to get rid of anything rotten, worn or useless, as evidenced by the Venus-Pluto trine. Indeed, Pluto, with his constant call for purging, activates most of the midpoints in the eclipse horoscope, reminding us that, in order for something to revive, it must first "die" in one plane only to be born again in another. Also, with Jupiter in Pluto's sign in a trine with Neptune, the requested regeneration and revitalization is able to open new horizons by renewing our faith in forgiveness and in the will of the universe.

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