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Covid-19: Is it World War III?

Many have likened this last period to a state of war against an invisible enemy – coronavirus that is - where the defence has almost led to the imposition of martial law with curfew, border closures and home confinement in many countries around the world. At the time of writing, it is estimated that half of the world's population is under quarantine. It is clear that the whole planet is living in unprecedented times as it is the first time that many countries around the world have acted in such a coordinated manner in order to tackle a disease that the World Health Organization (WHO) named Covid-19 on February 11, 2020 and declared a pandemic a month later, on March 11, 2020. It is for the first time in history, according to the WHO, that a pandemic is caused by a coronavirus, the first official incident of which was reported in China, in the city of Wuhan, on December 31, 2019. So then, what could astrology tell us about all this? Which are the most relevant astrological indicators? What meaning can we draw from them and how could the situation evolve in the future? These are some of the questions that this article will try to tackle by making direct astrological connections to the two world wars and the 9/11 attack in NYC as well as the French Revolution!

Given that the disease affects the respiratory system and that the ensuing quarantine measures have particularly disrupted free movement, it is clear that the most relevant astrological indicator is Mercury, the planet of communication and movement, which is directly related to hands and lungs through his rulership over Gemini. Apart from his retrograde period (Feb 17 - March 10, 2020) in Pisces, the sign of his debility, what has been characteristic about Mercury in recent months is his transit across the Sun on 11/11/2019 - mind the double repetition of number 11, which alludes to the two crucial dates mentioned above (Feb 11 and March 11). It should be noted that Mercury's transits occur 13 or 14 times per century: the first three of the 21st century occurred on May 7, 2003, on November 8, 2006, and on May 9, 2016, while the next one will not occur until November 13, 2032!

Mercury transits: A rare phenomenon
Mercury transits are associated with severe shortages as well as with important chapters that open or close in relation to Mercurial issues. At the psychological level Mercury may refer to the way we think and communicate our ideas, while at the more mundane level Mercury relates to mass media of communication and transport, schools, trade and even health due to his rulership over Virgo, the sign of health.
Often, Mercury transits are linked with one another, regardless of whether they belong to the same series of transits, a series that is similar to the saros cycles for solar and lunar eclipses. For example, the May 9, 2016 Mercury transit coincided with the resignation of Boris Johnson from his position as mayor of London, who then made a strong ‘comeback’ during the recent Mercury transit by leading the UK into an election campaign that re-affirmed his position as Prime Minister on December 12, 2019.
Another example is the association of the first two Mercury transits of the 21st century with Saddam Hussein. More specifically, the first transit marked the fall of his regime in Iraq, following the invasion of the US and other countries, which lasted from March 20 to May 1, 2003, that is, six days before the transit. Furthermore, the second transit marked Saddam Hussein's death sentence on November 5, 2006, just three days prior to Mercury's transit!

 ACG map for the 2003 Mercury transit 
red circles denote the rising and setting lines of Mars and Jupiter across the US and Iraq

It is not coincidental, of course, that the ACG map7 for the first transit shows Mars rising and Jupiter setting in the US while Mars setting and Jupiter rising in Iraq. Indeed, the invasion was launched by the US (Mars rising) with the aim of liberating Iraq, an enemy state (Jupiter setting), from their alleged despot. Conversely, Iraq was invaded by a hostile state (Mars setting) in order for liberty and better days to come to its own people (Jupiter rising).

In the ACG map of the second Mercury transit, we can see Jupiter/IC running through Iraq and thus sealing the internal establishment of freedom in the country as marked by Saddam Hussein’s death sentence.

ACG map for the 2006 Mercury transitthe red circle denotes the Jup/IC line that runs vertically through Iraq

The link between the 2003 and 2019 Mercury transits: SARS-CoV-1 & SARS-CoV-2
Closer to the issue at hand, that is Covid-19, the May 7, 2003 Mercury transit was linked to the two-week closureof Beijing schools due to the first appearance of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). This syndrome was a viral disease caused by a coronavirus named SARS-CoV or SARS-CoV-1. The ACG map for that transit reveals that Saturn - in Gemini back then, a Mercurial sign directly related to the lungs - was culminating right over southern China, not far from where the outbreak of the disease took place and where most cases of the disease were reported (Guangdong province). The Saturn/MC line also passed through Thailand and Malaysia where the highest mortality rates were recorded according to the WHO.

 ACG map for the 2003 Mercury transit 
The red circle denotes the point in the SA/MC line where Saturn is directly overhead

There is, therefore, a direct link between the May 2003 and November 2019 Mercury transits given that the new coronavirus has been dubbed SARS CoV-2! The ACG map for the 2019 Mercury transit strongly points to this direct connection. More specifically, one can see Mars/IC right through China, which could be interpreted as an endogenous attack, one that is reminiscent of what happened there in 2003, since the 2019 Mars/IC and the 2003 Saturn/MC lines practically coincide, travelling as they do right down the 103rd east meridian!

Spread of Covid-19 and possible consequences based on ACG
The ACG map for the 2019 Mercury transit depicts both the Moon and Uranus, conjunct in Taurus, culminating through eastern China. This conjunction talks about the sudden awakening of the past (2003) which, perhaps due to the Moon in Taurus, was not too violent. Uranus/MC, though, does make things unpredictable, so let us not be surprised if there is a sudden re-emergence of Covid-19 in China. Moreover, the city of Wuhan is exactly in the middle of the Moon and Uranus MC lines, as one can see in the figure. In addition to that, slightly to the north of the city there are two parans: SA/ASC-UR/IC and PL/ASC-MO/IC. It is no coincidence, then, that the ‘evil’ began from there causing internal turmoil and disruption (SA/ASC - UR/IC) and led to many cases and deaths in the city itself in the early stages of the disease (PL/ASC – MO/IC).
 ACG map for the 2019 Mercury transit
The red circle denotes the area around the city of Wuhan

The 2019 Mercury transit ACG also shows that the area worst afflicted is Italy, where Saturn and Pluto culminate, conjunct in Capricorn. In fact, Pluto/MC passes right through Venice and the capital Rome but also through San Marino, which currently holds the saddest world lead in more deaths per million inhabitants with Italy taking fourth place.

ACG map for 2019 Mercury transit – the red circles denote the areas around Milan and San Marino

The case of Italy is of particular interest because, in the north of Italy, Uranus also rises. This is indicative of the rapid spread of the disease and the unprecedented events that came along. It may also be indicative, however, of a future voluntary detachment of Italy from the European Union with a potential shift of alliances towards China and Russia where Uranus culminates. See how the ACG map shows the line of Uranus rising through the northwest and passing right through the ‘heart’ of the European Union. The word ‘heart’ does not refer only to Brussels, the capital, but also to the six countries that signed the Treaty of Rome, which led to the establishment of EEC on 1/1/1958: Italy, France, West Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands!

ACG map for 2019 Mercury transitthe red circles denote the areas around the English Channel, Paris and Andorra as well as the symbol of Uranus rising

However, the spread of Covid-19 also affects directly other European countries. Among them, France and England run a higher rate of risk because Mars sets through France, right through Paris, and east of London through the English Channel. There culminates also the Lunar South Node in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn: this exacerbates the rate of risk through England, France and Spain. Indeed, the two latter countries occupy globally one of the top three positions in number of cases in serious/critical condition. The same line (South Node/MC), after all, goes right through Andorra, which currently holds the second place in the world with more deaths per million population. In addition, the fact that the Lunar South Node culminates through these countries puts in even more danger those in the upper classes, even the government itself. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that both Prince Charles and the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, were infected by the coronavirus.
The United States too are in the ‘eye of the hurricane’, however, as Mars culminates right through Washington D.C. and the eastern states, such as New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina. One would expect further aggravation with an increase in deaths across these states, but also a general increase in Covid-19 cases through the Mid-East states because of rising Jupiter. Therefore, the increase may be due to the cultivation of a relaxed and optimistic attitude, which may paradoxically work in favour of the population. Among the Mid-East states that may witness this widespread rise in cases without registering high fatality rates are Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and the Great Lakes region.

 ACG map for 2019 Mercury transit
The red circle denotes the areas around Washington D.C. and the eastern states

2019 Mercury transit, 2020 eclipses and the Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle: International wars and organized crime
As mentioned above, the 2019 Mercury transit took place with Saturn-Pluto in applying conjunction. The Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle is one directly linked to wars between states and organized crime. Two characteristic examples are a) the start of World War I with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction and b) the 9/11 attack in NYC with a Saturn-Pluto opposition.
The recent Mercury transit has a strong Saturn-Pluto ‘flavour’ whose components will be discussed below. The latest Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurred on January 12, 2020 at 22° Capricorn, just two days after the lunar eclipse across 20° Cancer-Capricorn. Along with the lunar eclipse, we also had a superior Sun-Mercury conjunction, which was the culmination of the inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction that occurred on November 11, 2019, that is, the day of the Mercury transit. Therefore, the recent Mercury transit is directly linked to the December 2019-January 2020 eclipse period. It was, after all, on December 31, 2019 when the first official coronavirus case in Wuhan was reported to the WHO, just five days after the December 26 solar eclipse.
Therefore, if the recent Mercury transit is directly linked to the December 2019-January 2020 eclipse period, it is also directly linked to the Saturn-Pluto cycle that marked the two world wars because, as will be shown, those two eclipses (Dec ’19-Jan ’20) activate the degrees of the two focal points of that cycle (conjunction and opposition)! The cycle began with three conjunctions in 0º-2º Cancer (Oct 4, 1914, Nov 1, 1914 and May 19, 1915), culminated in three oppositions across 19º-21º Cancer/Capricorn, (Feb 17, 1931, July 8, 1931 and Dec 13, 1931) and ended after World War II at 13º Leo (Aug 11, 1947).
The zodiacal area (0º-2º Cancer) where the 1914-1947 Saturn-Pluto cycle began is activated through opposition by the December 26, 2019 solar eclipse (4º Capricorn), while the zodiacal area (19º-21º Cancer / Capricorn) where that same cycle culminated is exactly activated by the January 10, 2020 lunar eclipse (20º Cancer-Capricorn). After all, the Mercury transit chart itself exactly activates these two zodiacal areas, both by a square from Chiron at 1º Aries and by a conjunction from Pluto itself at 21º Capricorn. Pluto, also, opposes the position it had back then, during the opposition phase of the 1914-1947 Saturn-Pluto cycle.
Additionally, the upcoming solar eclipse of June 21, 2020 activates, by exact conjunction, the onset of the 1914-1947 Saturn-Pluto cycle at 0º Cancer, which, similarly to all 0º cardinal degrees, is associated with the whole of humanity. On top of that, the upcoming lunar eclipse of June 5, 2020 across 15º Gemini-Sagittarius activates the culmination (opposition phase) of the Saturn-Pluto cycle that marked the 9/11 attack in NYC. The opposition phase of that cycle occurred three times across the 12º-16º region of Gemini-Sagittarius (Aug 5, 2001, Nov 2, 2001 and May 26, 2002). Once more, the Mercury transit chart exactly activates that area by virtue of Venus at 12º Sagittarius. 

 2019 Mercury Transit Chart set for London, UK

One notices, therefore, that the 2019 Mercury transit and four of the eclipses that occur in the first semester of 2020, starting from December 26, 2019, directly trigger situations that have the ‘flavour’ of the international catastrophe of the two world wars, as well as the flavour of the imposition of restrictions in free movement following the 9/11 attack. Could it be then that the recent Mercury transit marks World War III, this time against an invisible enemy, that is, the coronavirus? Could it also be, however, that the appearance of the virus was deliberate, just as it has been said of the 9/11 Twin Towers collapse which has been likened to ‘controlled demolition’? Could it be then that the current situation we are going through is part of an ingeniously organized crime? Could it be that upper echelons of the societal hierarchy are the enemies (Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn)? Could it be that those in power have specific economic and political purposes, which they wish to serve via the coronavirus fearmongering?  
Although the present article cannot give a definite answer to the questions above, because that would have more to do with one’s ideology than with any particular astrological indicator, one notices we live in times similar to those before the 1789 French Revolution. The reason is that back then Pluto was in Aquarius, where it will return in 2023, for the first time since then, to remain until 2043. The French Revolution marked the official end of feudalism and the rise of the middle class and the capitalist system. So, could one hypothesize that during the 12 years between now and the next Mercury transit (2032) we will witness the gradual end of the capitalist system and the emergence of a new economic system? The fact that Mercury had once again transited the Sun in the year of the French Revolution (Nov 5, 1789) lends support to this hypothesis – even more so because the 1789 transit belongs to the same series of transits as the 2019 one, that is, series number 6!

Estimation of duration of the Covid-19 spread and the quarantine measures 
Let us return to Covid-19 and estimate the possible duration of the coronavirus threat based on the analysis above, as well as on the Mars-Neptune planetary cycle, which is directly related to infectious diseases. The Mercury 2019 eclipse took place with Mars-Neptune in the waning phase of their cycle, which in itself is encouraging for the reduced duration of the coronavirus threat. More specifically, the cycle:
  • began at 13º Pisces on December 7, 2018 (MA-NE conjunction),
  • culminated across 17º Virgo-Pisces on September 14, 2019 (MA-NE opposition) 
  •  and will close at 21º Pisces on June 13, 2020 (MA-NE conjunction) between the two eclipses mentioned above.

The degrees of the beginning and the climax of the current Mars-Neptune cycle are not accidental but directly linked to Mercury’s recent retrograde period, which strongly brought the Covid-19 issue to the surface. Mercury turned retrograde on February 17, 2020 at 13º Pisces, where the Mars-Neptune conjunction took place, and turned direct on March 10, 2020 one day after the Full Moon that was only two degrees away (19º Virgo-Pisces) from the Mars-Neptune opposition (17º Virgo-Pisces). The Full Moon itself activated the Mars-Neptune waning square that took place on January 28, 2020, from which position Mars (17º Sagittarius) had already activated the June 5, 2020 lunar eclipse (15º Gemini-Sagittarius). Thus, it was not a coincidence that on January 30, 2020, with Mars at a mutable critical degree and in a sign closely related to expansion and foreign countries (17º Sagittarius), the WHO declared the spread of the coronavirus as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.
Theoretically, one would expect the coronavirus threat to last until mid-June 2020, when the current Mars-Neptune cycle ends. However, there is a strong likelihood of the virus reappearing in the autumn due to Mars turning retrograde from September 10 (28º Aries) to November 14, 2020 (15º Aries) as Mars will also be opposing the position it occupied (25º Libra) during the 2019 Mercury transit.

The Mars cycle here is very important because Mars is Mercury’s traditional dispositor in the 2019 Mercury transit (Mercury in Scorpio) and it occupies a critical degree of the zodiac (25º cardinal). After all, many countries decided to impose emergency quarantine measures closer to the waxing square of the Mars cycle, March 20-23, 2020, in conjunction with Jupiter-Pluto at 25º Capricorn, the degree of a previous lunar eclipse (July 16, 2019).
Therefore, one would expect these emergency measures to last at least until mid-May 2020 when Mars enters Pisces.  From then on, the measures should gradually begin to relax in order for individual movement and action to be much more favoured come June 28, 2020 when Mars enters Aries. However, the likelihood of the virus returning in the autumn will probably be accompanied by similar measures, as Mars in Aries will be receiving squares from Saturn and Pluto. Additionally, the inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction that takes place in the autumn (October 25, 2020) at the Moon’s pure fall (3º Scorpio) will foster further insecurity. The influence of that conjunction will be in effect at least until December 20, 2020 when the superior Sun-Mercury conjunction takes place and Jupiter enters Aquarius by which time two more eclipses across Gemini-Sagittarius, the axis of free travel, will have occurred...

The present article has underlined the connection of the Covid-19 outbreak with the 2019 Mercury transit, which in turn directly connects to the eclipse seasons of December 2019-January 2020 and June-July 2020, as well as the Saturn-Pluto cycle. These connections reveal not only the urgent nature of the disease but also the radical change it brings to humanity. The connections above are also highly reminiscent of the two world wars, the 9/11 attack in NYC and the eve of the French Revolution. Finally, the present article estimates that the virus spread and the emergency measures will gradually loosen up from mid-May onwards with a possible return of these in September and until the end of the year... 2020 is clearly a difficult year in which humanity is called upon to face unprecedented events en masse.

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