Friday, 7 October 2022

Full Moon across Aries-Libra: Shared Pain is Half the Pain!


On October 9, 2022, at 8:55pm, GMT, there is a Full Moon taking place across the Aries-Libra axis, the axis of balance between Me and Us, as well as between Peace and War. It is the last Full Moon before the upcoming eclipse season, which begins with the solar eclipse on October 25th and culminates with the lunar eclipse on November 8th. With the additional fact that Pluto is about to return to direct motion after a retrograde period that began at the previous solar eclipse of April 30, one can see that this Full Moon is especially charged. This is so because it prepares the emotional ground for the important chapters that will open or close with the upcoming eclipses, chapters that may have already been prepared since last spring.

More specifically, being the culmination of the lunar cycle that began on September 26 with the New Moon in Libra, the present Full Moon makes it abundantly clear that the desired achievement of balance, in those areas of our lives that the Full Moon affects, requires some costly - literally or figuratively - reform (Saturn-Uranus square hardened by semi-square aspects with Jupiter). Therefore, with Pluto retrograde and the Venus-Chiron opposition aligned with the Lights opposition, inner fears and demons mixed with wounded self-worth and feelings of financial disadvantage emerge from the depths of the soul and seem stronger than ever.

However, there are reserves of patience and fortitude to help manage any fears and feelings of inferiority (Saturn atop ambivalence triangles formed by the Lights and the Venus-Chiron opposition). In fact, working with a loved one and sharing responsibility can help to leave mental confusion and inertia behind so that one can be spurred into targeted action in order to achieve the required reform and, together, more harmony in life (separating Mercury-Mars-Neptune T-Square, Sun-Venus conjunction in an air grand trine with Mars and Saturn). So, where will you aim and whom will you work with?

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