Friday 15 April 2011

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Delays Combined with Unusually Quick, Enthusiastic and Pioneering Ideas and Conversations

Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, learning, commerce and short-distance travelling, has been in retrograde motion in the sign of Aries since March 30, 2011, and will remain retrograde until April 22, 2011, on which day it will turn direct and won’t go back to retrograde motion until next August. The usual reaction of people on hearing that Mercury is turning retrograde involves anxiety, worry or even indignation. 

This is because of the expected delays in communications, transportations and commercial transactions, which Mercury in retrograde is renowned for. Is this reaction justified? Although some delays are to be expected more frequently during a Mercury retrograde period than during a Mercury direct period, the zodiac sign in which this planet (or any planet for that matter) turns retrograde is of crucial importance. The reason is that the zodiac sign shows us the manner in which planetary energies will be manifested. Given that Mercury is currently in the sign of Aries, it would be a good idea to take a closer look at what this sign symbolises.  

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and signifies the beginning of the spring. It is therefore associated with initiative, self-motivation, assertiveness, speed, urgency and impatience. It is further associated with courage, determination, enthusiasm, competition, boldness and risk-taking. So, how would Mercury’s energies be manifested in our world during this planet’s transit through the enthusiastic and risk-taking sign of Aries? Here are a few ideas.

Firstly, it is likely that we engage ourselves in communications that are characterised by enthusiasm, speed, boldness, and even impatience and urgency. This, however, may also get us into situations where speaking comes before thinking, with all the concomitant dangers that such impetuousness might bring, verbal fights being one such danger! Another possibility is that we evince self-motivation, initiative and risk-taking in projects and activities related to learning, speaking, writing, trading, driving and networking, among other projects and activities that require primarily mental skills. It thus seems that transitting Mercury in Aries reflects the confidence and self-motivation that are necessary for taking up a new study course or passing an exam, for expressing our opinions in innovative ways, for initiating networking activities and for taking the risk to start new commercial activities.

It is probably not a coincidence that it was with Mercury transitting Aries that I took the initiative to start my own blog and express my opinions about astrological psychology! I am confident that most of you will have similar examples to share when it comes to communications, trading, learning and short-distance travelling. The challenge, however, of Mercury in Aries is that we do not just content ourselves with initiating communications and taking the risk to start new projects related to mental, commercial and transportational activities, but that we also manage to exhibit the necessary patience, stamina and perseverance to see these projects through to completion. Therefore, Mercury in Aries is good at helping us initiate learning and trading projects and communications, but is probably apt to underestimate material and practical obstacles (e.g., time and money), the accurate estimation of which is the expertise of Mercury in Taurus, the sign following Aries. This means that during a Mercury-in-Aries transit we are more likely to get frustrated when the projects we initiate are blocked for some reason, which can make for an increased tendency to give up.          

Nevertheless, in the above analysis I have not taken into account the fact that Mercury is currently in retrograde motion. Following my previous post (click here if you wish to refresh your memory), a retrograde planet expresses its energies in a more inhibited and cautious manner, but also in a more unusual and inventive manner, than when the same planet is direct. Therefore, as I also mentioned in the first paragraph, delays, setbacks and obstacles are to be expected in our communications, transportations and commercial dealings, as well as in our learning and examinational activities. Of course, this doesn’t mean that during a Mercury retrograde period we should refrain completely from travelling, buying products, taking exams and starting new study courses, but that we should be aware of the possibility that some frustration will be involved. For this reason, it would be worthwhile taking the time to think and to carefully examine the details before engaging in any of the above activities

This is, however, one side of the truth about Mercury in retrograde motion. The other side is related to the originality and inventiveness of its expression. Therefore, it may not be uncommon to experience unusually quick, enthusiastic, bold and impatient communications during this Mercury-in-Aries retrograde period, which may in turn lead to unusually loud and violent fights, if nerves are not handled properly! A further possibility is that we exhibit an unusual degree of self-motivation, initiative and risk-taking in projects that require mental competence or mobility and trading skills. This may make for the expression of unusually pioneering ideas and for the beginning of commercial and educational activities that are unusually competitive, pioneering or risky. Keeping all of the above in mind, I believe that this Mercury-in-Aries retrograde period will be far from boring!! Stay tuned so that you find out how your personal zodiac sign is expected to incorporate the energies of this retrograde Mercury in Aries! 


  1. A very nice presentation about this astrological phenomenon. I guess there's more to keep in mind in compbination with retrograde Mercury, such as the entrance of Neptune in Pisces. Looking forward to your next article!

  2. Many thanks, Magdoula for your comment! Neptune in Pisces is a phenomenon that deserves a separate analysis. I'm planning to write about it in one of the coming weeks, so stay tuned! ;)