Saturday, 22 June 2013

Full Moon in Capricorn: Striking the right balance between career and family!

On Sunday June 23rd 2013 at 11:32 am, GMT, there is a Full Moon in Capricorn with the Moon in the same sign and the Sun in the opposite one, that is Cancer. It’s not surprising then that the Full Moon will urge us to strike the right balance between career (Capricorn) and family (Cancer). So, these days we might not know whether to first satisfy our need to engage with our work, career and reputation (Moon in Capricorn) or whether to enjoy our time at home with family and people to whom we are emotionally attached (Sun in Cancer and Venus-Mercury conjunction in the same sign). Of course, with the Moon being the dispositor of both the Sun and the other two planets in Cancer, it seems that career concerns are more favoured. This may mean that we spend hours at home working passionately or that we do overtime at work by making sure to create a family-like atmosphere with colleagues and superiors.

It’s worth noting here that the Full Moon axis participates in a planetary pattern called ‘kite’. More specifically, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction participates in a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune in water signs, while the Moon opposing the Sun and Jupiter forms sextile aspects to both Saturn and Neptune. Therefore, the balance that we need to strike between family and career (Capricorn-Cancer axis of the Full Moon) is more easily reached through opportunities that can make big dreams and ideals come true (Moon sextile both Saturn and Neptune). Indeed, the fulfillment of these dreams and ideals can be further facilitated by significantly improving our home and by expanding our horizons through establishing closer links to other people, notably colleagues (Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer in a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune). Let's also not forget that a grand trine in water like the one taking place now favours emotional expression as well as therapy that can help us get closer to our emotions and deal with whatever makes us fearful.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Mars in Gemini forms a square with Chiron while ruling the Scorpio North Node and forming a quincunx aspect to it. This suggests that our drive to communicate (Mars in Gemini) may create tension (square) in revealing emotional wounds (Chiron) that we need to learn how to share and to heal (North Node in Scorpio) despite any difficulties (quincunx). In fact, Mercury disposes Mars and is about to turn retrograde which shows that treating our emotional wounds is highly favoured because our minds are more willing than ever to look back and delve into the past. Enjoy the Full Moon!

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