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The uniqueness of this year’s Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter entered the sign of Cancer on June 26, 2013 and will remain there until July 16, 2014. The purpose of this article is to interpret this transit in both psychological and societal terms, and to provide ideas as to what we could expect while Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer. To do this, I first analyze the meanings associated with Jupiter, as well as the Cancerian demands and goals, so that I can explore the possible manifestations of Jupiter in Cancer. Then I will focus on the astrological chart of Jupiter’s entry in Cancer given that the time when a planet enters a sign is highly suggestive of the tendencies that will prevail while the planets transits that sign. While analyzing this chart I will refer not only to the planetary positions and aspects but also to the cycles of two planetary pairs: that of Uranus and Pluto and that of Saturn and Neptune. Such an analysis and historical overview will provide us with further information regarding the processes that Jupiter in Cancer will reflect.

As a foretaste let me mention here that in Jupiter’s entry chart there is a grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune and it will be exact in late July 2013: This is extremely important because, although it has happened a few times in the past that these three planets have formed a grand trine between the three of them, it is the first time in the last two thousand years that this grand trine is exact! This is why I think that this year’s transit of Jupiter through Cancer is unique and will mark events that modern humanity has never experienced before...

Before moving onto analyzing the meanings of Jupiter in Cancer, it is helpful to keep in mind some important dates regarding this transit:

  • On August 13, 2013 Jupiter enters its shadow period (it will occupy the same degree of Cancer where it will be when turning direct).
  • On November 7, 2013 Jupiter begins its retrograde motion on the 20th degree of Cancer.
  • On March 6, 2014 Jupiter turns direct on the 10th degree of Cancer.
  • On June 1, 2014 Jupiter is released from its retrograde motion (it will thus occupy the same degree of Cancer where it was on the day when its retrogradation started).


Being the largest planet in our solar system Jupiter symbolizes expansion, growth, abundance, generosity and extravagance. As father of Athena, goddess of wisdom, Jupiter also symbolizes philosophy, knowledge, theorizing and teaching. Therefore, Jupiter is related to studying, opening one’s intellectual horizons and making discoveries through both travel and research. As leader and legislator of the Olympian gods, Jupiter is further connected with the law, morality, justice, the meaning of life, religion and believing in a higher purpose. As benefactor of the gods following the successful outcome of the battle which he led against Saturn and the Titans, Jupiter is related to luck, improvement and favourable fate. Finally, Jupiter’s initiative to fight against the Titans, a venture that seemed doomed to failure from the outset, has associated this planet with risk, optimism and wanderlust.

The zodiac sign of Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac following Gemini. It is a water sign, its mode of action is cardinal and it is ruled by the Moon. Cancer represents the archetype of motherhood and it thus aims at expressing love, care and affection through the creation and consolidation of a home, a family, a nation or a "nest" where one feels safe. So, the sign of Cancer aims to protect and preserve emotional ties and particularly those that grow within the family but also in connection with the homeland to which one belongs. Thus, one could say that the sign of Cancer acts in an introspective, emotional and sensitive manner. It further acts lovingly, tenderly, supportively and compassionately. Moreover, the sign of Cancer moves in ways that are hesitant, cautious, defensive and protective. Finally, the sign’s intuition and insight is extraordinary, while its nostalgia and attachment to the past and to one’s home is often expressed as possessiveness, stubbornness, whim and complaint.

Jupiter in Cancer

Traditionally Jupiter is said to be in exaltation in the sign of Cancer and is thus able to express its maximum potential as a planet. Jupiter’s faith in a higher purpose may indeed find its best receiver in the love, security and emotional support that Cancer professes. So, while Jupiter is in Cancer we will tend to seek the meaning of life in compassion, emotional security and provision of love, care, affection and understanding. We will further be distinguished by emotional generosity and an excess of sensitivity, which, if not controlled, is likely to lead every so often to touchiness, possessiveness and emotional exaggeration.

Moreover, Jupiter’s transit through Cancer seems to reinforce our interest in psychological and emotional pursuits and discoveries thus making our efforts to overcome psychological problems more successful. It is also very likely that we observe a general tendency towards nostalgia and attachment to the past, which may have something to do after all with the effects of the economic crisis and the consequent realization that our seasons in the sun are long over. Additionally, Jupiter in Cancer is able to mark a series of discoveries and new theories about motherhood, Moon and Earth (which is the mother of us all) as well as sciences and activities that focus on the study of emotion, past and land (eg, psychology, history, archeology, agriculture, agronomy, geology, etc.).

Apart from the above, Jupiter’s transit through Cancer is expected to focus our attention on theories, philosophies and laws that revolve around the preservation and protection of home, family and homeland, which makes new legislation relating to children, maternity, family law and real estate very likely. Equally likely seems to be a general prevalence of family morality and patriotic faith. This may push us to show favour, generosity and support to both our families and to our country. Such behavior is of course able to mark not only home improvements but also benefits for our family and homeland.

In extreme cases, however, this behavior can manifest as aimless and unrestrained support for nepotism and nationalism. Potential prevalence of such ideologies ​​will associate Jupiter’s transit through Cancer with a pervasive lack of meritocracy, with family members and compatriots being promoted where more capable people should be. Another related risk involves widespread support for conservative theories, particularly theories that favour protectionism, defensiveness and patriotism against foreign interests. The resurgence of xenophobia and racism is thus very likely with Jupiter in Cancer, while equally likely is the outbreak of wars as a result of an excessive need to protect and defend the concept of ‘homeland’.

The astrological chart of Jupiter’s entry in Cancer

First, it is useful to mention that the chart of Jupiter’s entry in Cancer depicts a great emphasis on the element of water (seven planets in water signs, including Chiron) and the cardinal mode of action (six planets in cardinal signs). Prima facie, therefore, the chart reveals that Jupiter in Cancer marks benefits and opportunities for growth that allow us to put an end to blind fears and non-functional emotional attachments. This way we will have the opportunity to heal our inner world and make a fresh start on a psychological and emotional level. This influence can push many to address their psychological problems and take initiatives for the renewal of their emotional life. These initiatives entail not only finding the ideal partner to start a family with but also letting go of partners with whom we can no longer be.
Moving on to a deeper analysis of the chart of Jupiter’s entry in Cancer, there are four key elements which require special consideration:

A.  Mercury is stationary retrograde in Cancer. Firstly, this reveals that the benefits, improvements, opportunities, laws, discoveries and theories that Jupiter in Cancer brings and that were mentioned above will be significantly delayed. In line with the Sun-Mercury cycle, delays will hold at least until August 24, 2013 when the superior Sun-Mercury conjunction occurs by which time we will have the opportunity to see some first results. However, I remind you that by then Jupiter will have already entered its shadow phase (from August 13th onwards); this means that we won’t be able to see the full maturation of our opportunities for growth until after March 6, 2014 (when Jupiter turns direct) and particularly after June 1, 2014 when Jupiter is released from its retrogradation.

Secondly, the fact that Mercury is stationary retrograde in the sign of Cancer, extremely intensifies tendencies towards great nostalgia and attachment to the past, family and homeland which are anyway signified by Jupiter in Cancer. Finally, with Mercury stationary retrograde in Cancer we are bound to urgently review and revise our ideas and theories about motherhood, children, home life and the institution of the family, as well as our theories within fields of knowledge that examine emotions, the past and the earth (e.g., psychology, history, geology, etc.).

B. The Moon is in Aquarius and disposes Jupiter (along with the Sun, Mercury and Venus). The placement of the Moon reveals a revolutionary mood and a need for freedom, equality and social justice that aims at promoting (Jupiter) our families and homeland (Cancer). In other words, we are likely to engage in revolutionary and subversive activities because of feeling that there is a lack of such values (i.e., freedom and social justice) ​​either in terms of the position of our homeland against other countries or with respect to the status of our family in comparison to other families. This revolutionary mood is conducive to civil strife but also to dissolution of countries, federations and unions, including the U.S., the UK, the European Union and the Eurozone, which are anyway tested by the Uranus-Pluto square. Countries and federations that have planets / angles near the 11th degree of Aquarius (where the Moon is located in the chart of Jupiter’s entry in Cancer) will probably take the lead in these disruptive processes. Hellas, with its midheaven at the 10th degree of Aquarius and its Sun at the 14th degree of the same sign, is clearly one of those countries...

Furthermore, the Moon's position in the entry chart highlights the need to develop social networks, associations, communities and political organizations (Moon in Aquarius) that are guided by faith in love or even faith in the protection of children, maternity, earth, homeland and the institution of the family (Jupiter in Cancer). The simultaneous need for doing things differently and overthrowing the established order (Moon in Aquarius) in association with Jupiter-in-Cancer themes is likely to bring strongly to the fore issues such as ecology, pedophilia (e.g., the political party of pedophiles in the Netherlands and the phenomenon of young children getting married in Muslim countries), gay rights in marriage and family formation, and the institution of surrogacy.

C. Jupiter forms a grand trine in water signs along with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. In general, this planetary formation can be interpreted as great ease (grand trine) for a) consolidating or denying (Saturn) high (Jupiter) ideals (Neptune), b) stabilizing or even reducing (Saturn) faith (Jupiter ) in religion, charity, esotericism and the relativity of things (Neptune), c) socially recognizing or refuting (Saturn) the rights (Jupiter) of the downtrodden across the world (Neptune) and d) ensuring (Saturn) opportunities for travel (Jupiter) that may have looked like sheer fantasy in the past (Neptune). In also taking into account the signs where this grand trine takes place, we could also be talking about deep fulfillment or overwhelming denial (Saturn in Scorpio) of big dreams and ideals (Neptune in Pisces) associated with opportunities for development and / or preservation of family and emotional ties (Jupiter in Cancer).

This grand trine will be exact in late July 2013 and it will be the first time in the last two thousand years that there is a grand trine of exactitude between these three planets! I therefore believe that we are on the verge of events that have great historical significance. Let us briefly refer to some of the few times that these three planets formed a grand trine (which was never though exact) to understand the importance of this year with Jupiter in Cancer:

a) The first Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune grand trine to take place after the birth of Jesus Christ was at the end of 326 AD and it was in the water signs just like this year. What happened that year was the great pilgrimage of Saint Helena across the Holy Lands during which a great number (Jupiter) of charitable institutions (Neptune) was erected (Saturn) and ​​discoveries were made (Jupiter) regarding the material manifestation (Saturn) of religious symbols (Neptune): it was then that the places of Jesus Christ’s birth, crucifixion and resurrection were found while it is said that the Holy Cross was also found at the time. Undoubtedly, these discoveries were fundamental to Christianity. Furthermore, that year Constantine the Great establishes (Saturn) favorable legislation (Jupiter) for the slaves (Neptune) of the Roman Empire.

b) In 1570 there is another grand trine, this time in air signs, which marks the establishment (Saturn) of religious (Neptune) freedom (Jupiter) for the Huguenots and the publication of the first modern atlas, an achievement that ensured (Saturn) the ability to travel (Jupiter) beyond the imagination of the time (Neptune).

c) In 1750 there is a grand trine in water signs, just like this year, which celebrates the abolition (Saturn) of galley slavery (Jupiter-Neptune) across Europe.

d) Finally, in 1834 there is one more grand trine in air signs. This one marked two important events: the dissolution of the Spanish Inquisition following royal decree and the abolition of slavery in the British Empire. In both cases one can clearly see the establishment (Saturn) of freedom (Jupiter) for the persecuted and enslaved (Neptune).

Given the symbolisms of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune and the grand trines that they formed in the past, the current grand trine of exactitude between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune could bring the wide adoption of laws related to religious and spiritual freedoms as well as to modern forms of slavery and marginalization (e.g., racism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc.). It is also possible that a great number of charitable organizations are established and that there is a widespread dissemination of charity and selflessness. Due to the nature of the water signs where this grand trine takes place, it is almost certain that emotions, both positive and negative, will be pervasive, while on a purely material level the role of water will be of utmost importance either because of aridity or flooding... Either way, we are about to witness something very important that humanity has never experienced before.

D. Through its conjunction with the Sun, Jupiter takes part in the T-Square formation between the Sun, Uranus and Pluto. In general, contacts between Uranus and Pluto, especially the harsher ones such as the squares, entail radical, revolutionary and sometimes violent changes on a social, economic and political level. Subversion (Uranus) and crisis (Pluto) are combined with intensity (square) which leads to the prevalence of extreme ideologies but also to groundbreaking scientific progress that radically changes the world. With the Sun and Jupiter activating this aspect in the chart of Jupiter’s entry in Cancer the importance (Sun) of revolutionary change (Uranus-Pluto) occurring in our society is multiplied (Jupiter), while there can also be a significant (Sun) growth (Jupiter) of the economic crisis, socio-political instability, revolutionary spirit and extreme ideologies (Uranus-Pluto).

Among other things, this T-Square formation (seen in the light of Jupiter in Cancer) is able to accelerate a number of major scientific and technological breakthroughs that can completely overturn our theories about the past, history, psychology, motherhood and the institution of the family. It is also able to inflate family and national rifts and twists that lead to significant changes both within our families and within countries and federations. Once again there is an emphasis on potential divisions within countries, federations and unions that can in turn mark the founding of new international federations or alliances among people / nations that we might not otherwise expect to see together.

Planetary cycles in the chart of Jupiter’s entry in Cancer

For a comprehensive analysis of the chart of Jupiter’s entry in Cancer it would be useful at this point to refer not only to previous transits of Jupiter through Cancer but also to the planetary cycles to which the Uranus-Pluto square and the Saturn-Neptune trine belong. The analysis of the Uranus-Pluto cycle and the Saturn-Neptune cycle is important because both are activated by Jupiter in its chart of entry in Cancer: the former is activated via harsh aspects (square-opposition) while the latter is activated via soft aspects (trines).

First, the Uranus-Pluto square is the waxing square of the cycle that began with the conjunction of the two planets in the 1960s and Jupiter took part in that conjunction in the late ’60s (1968-1969). Therefore, during the current transit of Jupiter through Cancer and the concomitant activation of the Uranus-Pluto square, Jupiter will mark a tense re-activation (waxing square) of themes and events of that period. I remind you that in those years (1968-1969) Jupiter magnified the extreme revolutionary spirit of Uranus and Pluto through the millions of protesters against the war in Vietnam, through the gay rebellion at Stonewall and through the Woodstock festival and the free experience of love. Note as well that in 1969, while Jupiter was still conjunct both Uranus and Pluto, the Americans landed on the Moon, which opened new possibilities for the exploration of space. Thus, issues such as the anti-war movement, gay rights, space exploration and the Moon are likely to become focal points of our interest while Jupiter is in Cancer.

As for the Saturn-Neptune trine, this is the waning trine of the cycle that opened with the conjunction of these two planets in the late 1980s (where Uranus also took part). Jupiter formed an opposition to that Saturn-Neptune conjunction in 1989-90, that is, the penultimate time Jupiter was in Cancer. Therefore, the current transit of Jupiter through Cancer and the concomitant activation of this waning Saturn-Neptune trine will easily bring inner realizations and revisions (waning trine) on themes and events that arose in '89-'90. I remind you that at the time Jupiter signaled a widespread dissolution (Neptune) of sociopolitical structures (Saturn) via the Velvet Revolution in Prague, the demolition of the Berlin Wall, the fall of Communism and the Iron Curtain, and the consequent end of the Cold War. 

Thus, Jupiter in Cancer will bring further realizations and revisions regarding the pervasive ideological disappointment that followed the fall of the ‘communist paradise’, the rise of nationalism through the creation of several new states in Eastern Europe and the rekindling of relations between the U.S. and Russia. Possible scenarios related to the present transit of Jupiter through Cancer include a further decline of the impact of the communist parties around the world, closer relations between the U.S. and Russia, and the emergence of national liberation movements within Russia (e.g., Chechnya).

With regard to the 12-year long Jupiter cycle, the last time Jupiter transited Cancer was in 2001-2002 with a simultaneous Saturn-Neptune trine (waxing at the time) just like this year. Moreover, the last time Jupiter entered Cancer on the same day as this year (June 26) was in 1930, with a simultaneous Uranus-Pluto square just like this year and with Uranus in the same exact sign as this year, that is in Aries. Therefore, the present transit of Jupiter through Cancer forms aspects that had occurred in 1930 and in 2001-2002. Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Cancer is thus likely to bring to the surface events and situations that occurred back in those years. I remind you that in 2001 the Twin Towers were hit (death of a symbol: Saturn-Neptune), which was followed by a nationalist upsurge in America that culminated in the anti-terrorism war and the war in Afghanistan. 

On the other hand, the 1930 Jupiter transit through Cancer exacerbated the Uranus-Pluto-related socio-political instability, extreme ideologies and natural disasters. That year marked the aftermath of the economic crash of 1929, the spread of Nazism with Hitler’s spectacular rise in Germany and the deadly floods in China with more than 100,000 victims. So, this year's transit of Jupiter through Cancer may very well bring a resurgence of the anti-terrorism war, an expansion of the economic crisis, a further rise of the Nazi and nationalist parties across the world, as well as intense natural disasters where the element of water plays a key role...

It follows from the analysis above that the current transit of Jupiter through Cancer is expected to be of great historical importance. In support of this, let us note that both the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 and the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001 took place ​​with Jupiter at the 10th/11th degree of Cancer, a degree that is extremely important for Jupiter’s transit this year given that it is the degree where Jupiter’s shadow period starts (13 August 2013) and where Jupiter turns direct after completion of its retrogradation (March 6, 2014). Should we therefore expect events similar in motif in the coming months? In any case, I believe that this year's transit of Jupiter through Cancer calls for us to tear down either literally or figuratively national symbols in which we believe, so that we radically change our beliefs about where we belong and who we should consider as family at a personal, social, political and planetary level.


I would like to leave the reader with a few thoughts on the potential significance of the grand trine of exactitude between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, the results of which will be experienced throughout the duration of the transit of Jupiter through Cancer given that this trine is found in the chart of Jupiter’s entry in Cancer. If in the past similar trines (which were never though exact) marked the abolition of some form of human slavery, should we dare to dream that this year's trine will bring an end to modern forms of slavery? Undoubtedly, there are two major forms of slavery that still exist in our world: on the one hand, we have the Third world and its indirect subjugation to the First World, while on the other we have a global financial system that stealthily keeps us captive through the deification of money and the core belief that money can be the only tool that mankind could have ever devised in order to survive.

So, could the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune grand trine entail the abolition of Third World debt and the general liberation of people from the need to be consumed in jobs they do not like for the sole purpose of earning their daily bread? Could we therefore dare to think that humanity is entering a phase where it envisions a new economic system that provides people with the freedom (Jupiter) to materialize (Saturn) their imagination and big dreams (Neptune) rather than keeping them enslaved to money? Let this be our wholehearted wish and let us also close this post with William Arthur Ward’s words: ‘If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.’


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