Friday, 25 May 2018

Full Moon Across Gemini-Sagittarius: A Big Gift!

On May 29 2018 at 2:19pm, GMT, there is a Full Moon taking place across Gemini-Sagittarius, the axis of intellect, information and movement. Similarly to every Full Moon, this one too calls for us to strike the right balance between two opposing forces. Of course, the mutable Gemini-Sagittarius opposition is one of the most manageable oppositions of the zodiac, but, among the most difficult dilemmas that this opposition could raise, one finds the dilemmas between believing (Sagittarius) and questioning (Gemini); synthesizing (Sagittarius) and analyzing (Gemini); looking for substance (Sagittarius) and staying on the surface (Gemini).

Therefore, one’s basic need for faith, synthesis and substance (Moon in Sagittarius) opposes the importance one may attach to questioning, analyzing and staying on the surface (Sun in Gemini). This may result, for example, to a situation where one does not know whether to believe or to challenge a piece of information, as well as whether to synthesize and highlight the essence of a given set of information or to analyze the information in a superficial manner. Additional dilemmas raised by the Gemini-Sagittarius axis include those between learning (Gemini) and teaching (Sagittarius), close (Gemini) and distant (Sagittarius) travels as well as collecting (Gemini) and disseminating (Sagittarius) information.

Although Saturn in Capricorn makes things more difficult because its demand for strict adherence to rules and regulations is incompatible with the laid-back attitude of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, Mars in Aquarius atop an ambivalence triangle where the Full Moon axis is involved manages to resolve the dilemmas above by taking extremely intelligent and original actions and initiatives. Besides, Jupiter, the Moon’s dispositor, in a grand watery trine with Venus and Neptune, offers ample supplies of love and receptivity so that one may believe (Jupiter) in universal (Neptune) harmony (Venus) and attach value (Venus) to the new horizons (Jupiter) that only the imagination can open (Neptune).
Indeed, both the watery grand trine and the very close activation of the Moon/Jupiter and Sun/Jupiter midpoints by out-of-bounds Venus promise a big and unusual gift that primarily aims at expressing emotion, compassion and support towards our fellow people. Finally, anaeretic Mercury on the Saturn/Pluto midpoint in concert with unaspected Pluto on the Mars/Saturn and Venus/Uranus midpoints speaks for the almost obsessive engagement with the end of ideas, agreements and actions that, nevertheless, lead to the beginning of new and unexpected alliances. In any case, we wish you enjoy the Full Moon!

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