Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Lunar Eclipse Across Gemini-Sagittarius: Opportunities in a World Upside-Down!


On November 30, 2020, at 9:29 am GMT, there is a lunar eclipse taking place across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, the axis of intellect, education and travel. As many of you know, a lunar eclipse is a Full Moon in which the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth is such that the Earth’s shadow hides the Moon. Although eclipses have long been considered a bad omen, it is helpful to understand that they create some kind of deficiency that motivates us to end or begin an important chapter in our lives depending on the area of ​​one’s horoscope where it may fall. A lunar eclipse, like the present one, refers to deficiencies and chapters concerning our family, private and emotional life as well as our relationship with important women in our lives such as mother, grandmother or spouse / partner. 

More specifically, due to the nature of Gemini/Sagittarius, one may feel the need for more communication with these individuals or family members. One may also need to move for family reasons or even do relocations or major changes and projects within the home, possibly due to some kind of damage.

In fact, the eclipse axis becomes an ambivalence triange with Chiron atop which points to opportunities for healing that concerns our relatives or our domestic and emotional life. However, the harsh but secondary aspects that the eclipse axis receives from Uranus and Pluto may lead many to emotional outbursts due to difficulties in effectively adapting to a world that has turned upside down (Neptune = Saturn / Uranus). If nothing else, the participation of two outer planets in this eclipse emphasizes that many things are out of our control which results in many people feeling ‘numb’ not knowing what will happen next and, therefore, how to act (Mars semisextile Neptune squaring the Lunar Nodes).

The positive aspects of the eclipse include the sextiles of Mercury with Jupiter and Saturn. These reveal opportunities for agreements or negotiations that allow for cautious optimism thanks to a new professional chapter that starts under conditions where communications and travels continue to be characterized by confusion and unpredictability (Mercury = Uranus / Neptune). Finally, Neptune, having just turned direct, allows ideals and dreams that had been thwarted since last June to gradualy materialize, especially in terms of relationships and finances as well as pleasures, aesthetics and art (applying Venus-Neptune trine). Despite the difficulties, the unexpected factors and the uncertainty, we hope that you all make the most of the opportunities that this eclipse brings!


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