Tuesday 8 December 2020

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Heroism and Freedom


On December 14, 2020, at 4:16pm, GMT, there is a total solar eclipse taking place in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of faith, freedom and long journeys. Although eclipses have a bad reputation, it is important to understand that they signal the opening or closing of important chapters in our lives. They evoke in us a sense of urgency to complete or start a project and, if one sees them that way, they are probably necessary! However, because the sense of urgency can be cultivated through some kind of lack, eclipses, and especially solar ones, are often experienced as deficiencies related to the solar principle within us. The solar principle is directly related to our creativity, identity and purpose in life as well as to the father or other important men in our lives.

So, these days near the eclipse - although the effects of eclipses can last up to six months later - we may experience some (or all!) of the following: a) lack of creative freedom or, quite simply, less freedom (which is also related to the lockdowns), b) loss of faith in important people in our lives or in power figures, c) disorientation or doubts about our identity and our purpose in life.

The possibility of disorientation and confusion is particularly high due to the noticeable presence of Neptune in square aspects with the Lights, Mercury and Lunar Nodes. Combined with the complete lack of the Air element and the out-of-bounds movement of Mercury and the Moon in conjunction with the South Node, a completely blurred and at the same time extreme and dangerous scene is revealed in terms of the feeling of safety in movement, communications and information transmission. Much will be said that has no validity, promises will be made only to be broken or, quite simply, plans will be made on hope only without any possibility of reliable analysis of the actual data.

It is interesting, in fact, that this eclipse deifies science and turns it into a means of uniting the state and religion (Neptune = Saturn / Uranus = Jupiter / Uranus). After all, the unaspected presence of Chiron, about to go direct, causes obsession with science which seems to give therapeutic outlets through the famous coronavirus vaccine (Chiron = Mars / Neptune, Mars = Uranus / Chiron). The Neptunian nature of the eclipse, however, calls into question the quality of this vaccine, which may promise more than it can deliver or may deliver things it has not promised...

The positive points of the eclipse include the sextiles of Venus with Jupiter and Saturn, which give opportunities for a breath of fresh air in relationships and financial transactions, no matter how short-lived these opportunities are (anaeretic position of Venus-Jupiter-Saturn). After all, with the retrograde learning triangle formed by Mars, at Saturn’s pure fall, with Pluto, the Lights and Mercury, the main lesson of this eclipse is to be able to become the Hero of oneself. To stand on one’s own two feet, autonomous and independent, albeit belatedly and despite or maybe because of the obstacles posed by the fear that freedom creates within oneself. To paraphrase Erich Fromm, are the costs of heroism and freedom too great for most to bear? Will the easiest solution be for many to obey the advice or even the orders of the experts?

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