Monday, 29 October 2012

Full Moon in Taurus on October 29th: Life-Transforming Commitments!

On October 29th at 7:53 pm, GMT, there is a Full Moon on the 6th degree of Taurus, the sign that the Moon loves best given that Taurus fills up the Moon with security, stability, joy and pleasure. In line with my past writings, every Full Moon involves an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, which makes for emotional culminations, tensions and outbursts. More often than not, these emotional culminations are directly related to the new beginning that was made on a personal or collective level at the previous New Moon two weeks earlier than the Full Moon. For those that don’t remember, the previous New Moon occurred on October 15th in Libra and urged us to commit ourselves to the values of love, justice and co-operation, so that we could expand and deepen our relationships and partnerships with people that we may have met in the last few months. 

Therefore, this Full Moon, which is disposed of Venus in Libra, reminds us of the values above and brings forward our need to stabilize these relationships and partnerships so that they become permanent. Thus, commitment and loyalty are the keywords for this Full Moon. Actually, with Pluto in trine to it, it will be easy for the emotions attached to our relationships to run so deep that they transform our lives entirely. This is particularly relevant for those born in the first decanate of Taurus and Scorpio, but also for those with planets or angles around the 6th degree of these two signs.  

After all, the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Saturn, right across the Full Moon in Taurus, will shed light on the seriousness of our need to transform our lives and share them with important others, especially lovers: in other words, in order for us to be able to commit and be loyal to relationships and partnerships, we will have to be willing to welcome the changes that our lives will undergo in sharing emotions as well as material goods with our romantic or business partners. While such an undertaking will definitely make for serious emotions and deep willingness to commit ourselves, we will also be expected to get rid of anything that is no longer necessary and thus share equitably our resources (Saturn in Scorpio in opposition to Moon in Taurus).   

If, however, this undertaking is not characterized by justice, love and the will to compromise, in line with the requirements of Venus from her strong position in her Libran home, then it is very likely that there comes a sudden and permanent loss of relationships, partnerships and even resources (Venus in T-Square with Pluto and Uranus). Special attention to this possibility should be given by those born in the first decanate of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) or those with planets or angles in the first degrees of these signs. It is not by any chance, after all, that three days before this Full Moon Silvio Berlusconi, who was born in the first decanate of Libra, was condemned to one year of prison and a fine of ten million euro for tax fraud. Apart from taxes, the equitable distribution of resources that this Full Moon asks for may also be related to inheritance, loans and debts (Scorpio) as well as real estate property (Taurus).  

Let us also note the following: this Full Moon occurs with Mercury preparing for retrograde motion, which means that during its retrograde and direct motion Mercury will be at the same spot on November 13th and December 11th thus bringing forward the same interests, communications and contacts that this Full Moon involves. Actually, on November 13th there will be a solar eclipse, which shows that the issues surrounding this Full Moon are extremely important and that they will not be fully resolved until after December 11th following revisions brought about by Mercury in retrograde. Therefore, this is surely a Full Moon that prepares us for the important new beginnings that we will all be expected to make around the November 13th solar eclipse about which I will write in another post. To sum up, this Full Moon is made of the material that is necessary for forging relationships and partnerships that are based on love, faithfulness, loyalty, equality and longevity. So make sure you make the best of it, because relationships and partnerships that you may build now are bound to permanently and radically transform your lives!


  1. Ας ελπίσουμε ότι θα μας επηρεάσει με τις λιγότερες άσχημες επιρροές της!

    Εμείς γιατί να μην έχουμε κανένα πολιτικό στο σταθερό σταυρό να του αλλάξει τα πέταλα:))

    Καλή εβδομάδα εύχομαι!

    1. Έχει όμως η Ελλάδα σύνοδο Ήλιου-Ουρανού στον Υδροχόο στον 10ο οίκο κι έτσι η κυβέρνηση και ο Πρωθυπουργός επηρεάζονται άμεσα από αυτή την Πανσέληνο. ;) Καλή εβδομάδα και σ'εσένα!