Monday 15 October 2012

New Moon in Libra on October 15th: Love, Harmony and Justice

On October 15th at 12.07pm, GMT, there is a New Moon on the 22nd degree of Libra. This New Moon can provide us with the opportunity for a new beginning in any field of life related to Libra, such as relationships, partnerships, harmony, justice and love. Taking into account that the most important aspect this New Moon receives is a trine from Jupiter, we could consider this New Moon as one of the luckiest of the year, especially for those born in the second or third decanate of the air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and for those who have planets eight degrees before or after the 22nd degree of these signs. The idea about this New Moon being one of the luckiest of the year is further supported by the low number of harsh aspects combined with the trines between Saturn and Neptune; Venus and Pluto; Mars and Uranus. Actually, given that these three trines occur respectively in signs of water, earth and fire, it is quite possible that we can all expect some kind of gift from this New Moon. Therefore, the upcoming New Moon in Libra can be considered as an enjoyable break from the radical changes promised by the Uranus-Pluto square on a global level until 2015. Let us examine though in more detail the symbolism of this New Moon in Libra. 

Libra is the sign of harmony, love, justice and co-operation, which means that this New Moon will shed some light onto the importance of these values in our lives. With Jupiter in retrograde motion and in favourable aspect to the New Moon, it is most likely that we will find it easy to expand and deepen relationships and partnerships with people we met lately. More specifically, I refer to the months of July, August and September, during which Jupiter transited the same degrees of Gemini that it will transit during its current retrograde motion. With Venus, the planet disposing of this New Moon, in an earth sign (Virgo) and in favourable aspect to Pluto, this New Moon may provide solid and deep foundation for the relationships and partnerships we started in the last three months.   

Although Venus doesn’t sit quite well with the sign of Virgo, it aims at perfection; therefore, we will probably try for our relationships and partnerships to fulfill high standards. While perfection doesn’t exist, some of us may actually reach it thanks to Venus in this position and to the Saturn-Neptune trine, an aspect that is capable of accomplishing our wildest dreams! Furthermore, the Mars-Uranus square favours excitement and wanderlust, but some caution will be needed in the way we handle the Venus-Jupiter square: this may lead us to excess and exaggerated ways of expressing either our love or the value we attribute to perfection. Nevertheless, this same square is an excellent guarantee for excessive entertainment: prepare yourselves for plenty of fun, wild parties and, of course, money-spending! 

Additionally to the possibility of developing relationships and partnerships with people from our recent past so that these can be built on solid foundation and achieve perfection, this New Moon in Libra will remind us that we need more harmony and beauty in our lives. Actually, thanks to Venus in Virgo, a sign that aims at practical, functional and therapeutic solutions, we could achieve harmony, on the one hand, by decorating our environment in a functional manner and, on the other, we could achieve beauty by taking therapeutic care of our body. Therefore, taking care of our body will not be superficial; instead, it will emanate from our deeper need to be healthy. Finally, the New Moon in Libra will rekindle our interest in justice, especially concerning the violation of labour income and values (Venus in Virgo trine Pluto). This is particularly relevant for Hellenic workers, but it seems that the Mars-Uranus trine will favour combative ways of protecting and defending social solidarity. In support of this, a new worker strike across Hellas has been announced for October 18th, three days after the New Moon. Until my next post, I send love and light to all of you!


  1. Ευχομαι και'γω να ενεργοποιηθούν αυτές οι όψεις και να σωθεί το εργασιακό στην χώρα μας γιατί πάμε ....

    Καλότυχη και γεμάτη δώρα να'ναι η νέα Σελήνη για όλους μας!

    1. Μακάρι! Πάντως έπεται σύντομα και Ερμής ανάδρομος που θα ταλανίσει την κυβέρνηση... Ήδη σήμερα είχαμε σοβαρούς τριγμούς με τον Κουβέλη να βγαίνει και να λέει ανοιχτά ότι η ΔΗΜΑΡ δε θα ψηφίσει τα αντι-εργατικά μέτρα... Νομίζω ότι είμαστε εν όψει σοβαρών εξελίξεων!