Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hellas: The Chronicle of a Faltering Parliament

It’s been four months since the time I analyzed the current astrological influences on the map of Hellas and stated that the period between roughly the last elections (June 17th) and September 19th would involve a series of potential developments. More specifically, I had written verbatim “Besides the possibility of Hellas leaving the Eurozone within this timeframe, a complete overhaul of the Hellenic Parliament and Hellas’ banking system, as well as of its tax and insurance policies and institutions, is a distinct possibility” (click here to read the full article). Therefore, in this post I would like to give some examples that lend support to my June writings, and I would also like to provide some additional ideas as to what might be in store for Hellas in the next few months.  

Concerning the complete overhaul of the banking system, as well as of the tax and social security system, this has already occurred or is about to occur. Firstly, the government has made it clear that they aim at radically and immediately transforming the social security and tax system by reducing or eliminating, on the one hand, pensions, benefits and tax exemptions, and by changing, on the other hand, income tax brackets and tax rates. Secondly, the banking map of Hellas is currently being re-written whereby the following three banking corporations are becoming all the more powerful: the National Bank, Alpha Bank and Piraeus Bank. This is due to the merging of the Agricultural Bank of Hellas with Piraeus Bank and the ongoing merging of Eurobank with the National Bank; Commercial Bank with Alpha Bank; and Geniki Bank with Piraeus Bank. 
Thirdly, although we still have not seen a new overhaul of the Hellenic Parliament following the last elections, there have been serious creaks within the Parliament lately. More specifically, the scandal against Mr Meimarakis, the Chairman of the Parliament, led him to a temporary resignation end of September, while the notorious Lagarde list, namely a list of Hellenes each holding accounts of thousands of euros in a Swiss bank, has embarrassed the owner of the list, Evangelos Venizelos, that is, the leader of PASOK and therefore one of the leaders of the tri-partite government. Additionally, in September the immunity of Mr Barbarousis, one of the deputies of the Golden Dawn party, was suspended, while a series of criminal offenses allegedly perpetrated by three more deputies of the same political party will probably lead to their immunity suspension as well. 

The (temporary) resignation of the Chairman of the Parliament; the immunity suspension of Golden Dawn deputies; and the extremely difficult position in which one of the leaders of the tri-partite government has found himself in, undoubtedly show that the Hellenic Parliament is anything but stable and that a new overhaul may soon be in place. One of the reasons why we still have not seen a more evident change in the composition of the Hellenic Parliament is probably related to the fact that transiting Uranus, the planet of overthrow and rebellion, is still in retrograde motion. After the day it goes back into direct motion (December 12th 2012), we are more likely to witness subversion within the Parliament, possibly by means of elections.

Let us not be surprised if such a subversion is triggered by a potential and definitive removal of Mr. Venizelos from the government; after all, Mr. Venizelos’s natal Sun-Mars square is being hit mercilessly by the disintegrating and subversive action of the Pluto-Uranus square in the coming months. Similarly, the Prime Minister’s Sun-Mars conjunction isn’t doing very well, either his natal one or his progressed one. His natal conjunction in Gemini is being hit by transiting Neptune, which may be a source of disappointment, while his progressed conjunction in Leo is being hit by transiting Saturn, which may bring intense restrictions and popularity decline.  

However, such restrictions and popularity decline are affecting the whole of the government by the day: this seems to be the message of transiting Saturn who has already started to form a square aspect to Hellas’s natal Sun-Uranus conjunction (after all, the Sun in a country’s chart symbolizes not only the leader of the government but also all of the members of the government). Saturn’s limiting action will torment the Hellenic government at least until the end of 2013 reaching its climax in the following months: December 2012 and May, August and November 2013. Nevertheless, let us not forget that the possibility of Hellas exiting the Eurozone might also be the triggering event for subversion within the Hellenic Parliament: next January and February transiting Jupiter will station very close to the point where it was back in 2001 when Hellas joined the Eurozone. Therefore, it is hardly unlikely that it will be during those two months that Hellas’s future within the Eurozone will be decided, as well as the destiny of the government and the Hellenic Parliament…

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