Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Lunar Eclipse across Taurus-Scorpio: New Horizons!


On November 19 2021, at 8:57am, GMT, there is a Full Moon, which is also a lunar eclipse, taking place across Taurus-Scorpio, the axis of survival and ‘give and take’. Although people have always considered eclipses, especially lunar ones, to be a bad omen, it is important to realize that eclipses contribute to the culmination and completion of processes related to some shortage that becomes more visible as the eclipse approaches. Because it is the moonlight being eclipsed, lunar issues may make us feel like we are missing something and that we need to do something about it. Therefore, issues such as home, family, homeland, private life and routines, as well as relationship with one’s mother, wife or other important women, are among the things that may move us emotionally and spur us into action.

In fact, given the strong presence of the sign of Scorpio as the Sun, Mercury and Mars are simultaneously transiting that sign, a major issue of the eclipse is the need for transformation, which may be accompanied by a crisis related to the issues mentioned above. This crisis may raise issues of survival and lead us to reconsider our values ​​and the role we play in relationships and partnerships. This seems to be the message of the entry of the out-of-bounds Capricornian Venus into its shadow phase at a critical degree ruled by the Moon, as Venus prepares for her impending retrogradation starting on December 20, 2021. More specifically, an extreme need to comply with rules and regulations combined with unusual financial constraints and weird restrictions as a precondition for pleasure and socializing sheds a veil of difficulty, hesitation or even aversion in relationships and collaborations. There are, however, innovative solutions that one may think of in order to adapt to the difficulties above (Venus in a partile trine with Uranus).

These difficulties will probably last until February 2022, at the very least, because Venus will not be liberated from the shadow of her retrogradation until early March 2022. Furthermore, the fact that under this eclipse the Moon is conjunct Algol, a difficult fixed star associated with Medusa's head, reminds us that the fish ‘stinks’ from the head and that drastic solutions are often required. After all, with Jupiter squaring the Lights, it will be legal, religious, educational or travel issues that may lead us to confront the inner fears and demons symbolized by Medusa’s head. In any case, Jupiter invites us to grow, expand and take risks. So, how willing are you to dare to step out of your comfort zone during the current eclipse, face your fears and spread your wings in search of new horizons?

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