Tuesday 19 July 2016

Full Moon in Capricorn: Getting Ready for the End…

On July 19th 2016 at 10:56pm, GMT, there is a Full Moon in the ambitious, disciplined and serious sign of Capricorn, which of course implies that the Sun is in the opposite sign of Cancer. This is the last Full Moon that takes place before the August and September lunar eclipses - an indication that we are getting ready for the upcoming closure of some important chapters in our lives. The Cancer-Capricorn axis where this Full Moon falls across is the axis of structure and hierarchy and is thus associated with fundamental structures in our lives such as family/home (Cancer) and career (Capricorn). Therefore, with the Moon being in Capricorn and at the degree of Mars’ pure exaltation, it seems that there is a need for us to follow through with some extremely important initiatives related to the structures above. These initiatives may go back to last December when Saturn, the Full Moon’s dispositor, was at the same degree where it is now.

On top of a streak of workaholism that will be evident, given the sign of the Full Moon and the conjunction its dispositor forms with Antares, there is a promise of success and of pleasant communications (Mercury-Venus trine Saturn); the promise stands as long as one is willing to bring about, or even enjoy, sudden changes that are necessary for the completion of the initiatives mentioned above despite any obstacles that may arise (sesquisquare between Saturn and Uranus atop a T-Square where the Full Moon axis is involved). Besides, the Moon is atop a kite formation where watery Sun, Mars and Chiron are involved inviting us to ‘fly’ and aim high provided we use talents associated with understanding, compassion and mutual help and provided we act on healing our wounds or our feelings of inferiority.

Finally, a sense of ambiguity or some need for getting away from it all may bring minor obstacles (Neptune forming harsh but secondary aspects to the Full Moon axis). Nevertheless, these ambiguities or escapes will need to be taken into account, no matter how difficult that may seem (Mercury-Neptune quincunx), if one wants to easily achieve success and complete any important initiatives they have undertaken (Mercury-trine the dispositor of the Full Moon, Saturn, who is in turn conjunct Antares while the Full Moon takes place at the degree of Mars’ pure exaltation). May you have a pleasant and constructive Full Moon!

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