Friday 18 November 2011

Mars in Virgo: Precise Goals and Methodical Actions!

Mars, the planet of action, desire, courage, self-assertion and aggression entered the sign of Virgo a week ago (November 11th 2011) and will remain there until July 3rd 2012. Although Mars is a fast-moving planet, which means that it makes a full circle around the Sun in less than two years, it will remain in Virgo for almost eight months, because it will turn retrograde while transiting that sign. Its retrograde period will start on January 24th 2012 and end on April 13th 2012.  In view of this unusually long stay of Mars in one sign only, I would like to dedicate this post on how Mars will generally manifest its energies while transiting the sign of Virgo. The following two posts will explain how each zodiac sign will be expected to incorporate these energies. As a foretaste of the analysis that follows, suffice it to say here that Mars in Virgo will encourage us to set precise goals and exhibit methodical action so as to achieve these. In order to see in more detail how Mars will function while transiting Virgo, let us examine what the planet of Mars and the sign of Virgo symbolise in astrology.

Regarding Mars, it is no wonder that a planet whose soil appears to be red is primarily associated with passion, desire, heat and danger. Mars is further associated with our instinct and will to survive, as well as with our strength, vitality, release of physical energy and sexual drive. This planet also represents courage, excitement, enthusiasm, and impulsivity, but, if taken to extremes, its courageous energy and drive can lead to competition, impatience, anger, fights, violence and even acts of brutality. On a more positive note though, Mars spurs us to set goals and act on these, while it also represents in us our preparedness to stand up for ourselves and thus exhibit self-assertion and self-defense. In a nutshell, Mars symbolises our desires and urge to accomplish them by setting goals and by taking quick and decisive action; if not handled properly, however, the energy of Mars may lead to overly hasty and risky decisions that may get us into fights!     

Now that we have seen what Mars symbolises, it would be a good idea to examine the manner in which its principles will manifest themselves during its transit through the earth sign of Virgo. For this reason, we need to take a look at what the main characteristics of this sign are. Virgo follows Leo and is thus the third sign of the summer, so its role is to help us adapt to the arrival of autumn and to the slow decay of natural resources. If Leo is about vigorous productivity and fruitfulness, Virgo is about analysing and separating what is useful from what is not. So, the archetype of Virgo is utilitarian and concerned with optimal functioning; it is about understanding life’s laws and material limitations; it aims at developing technique, skill and precision so as to create order out of chaos. Virgo’s motto is thus ‘perfection’. Therefore, Virgo is related to method, meticulousness, efficiency, diligence and practical spirit, coupled with flexibility, humility and the need to be of service to others.

We can already see that the enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient and risk-taking principles of Mars do not sit very well with the careful, methodical, orderly and patient qualities of Virgo, which in itself is neither positive or negative of course. We may thus expect Mars in Virgo to urge us to take prudent risks and act carefully and methodically. It might also help us to set modest but precise goals related to the optimisation of our work, routine and day-to-day life; therefore, we are likely to desire more perfection, order, efficiency and attention to detail during Mars’s transit through Virgo. We may also become more enthusiastic and passionate about developing specific skills and talents, as well as about creating schedules and sticking to particular routines. 

Further possibilities include accepting realistic challenges and taking initiative in projects that have an interest in tangible and practical results. Acting in ways that help us to maintain and perfect our body, such as taking care of our diet, going to the gym and seeing our doctor, is also quite probable. Moreover, Mars in Virgo may spur us to assert ourselves in a more humble and submissive manner and to think well before we release our anger. Finally, with all this attention to detail and precision, let us not be surprised if Mars in Virgo brings with it an increase in petty fights and squabbles over trivial matters!

Stay tuned to find out which part of your life will be particularly receptive to these tendencies on the basis of your personal zodiac sign!

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