Tuesday 17 December 2013

Full Moon in Gemini: Friction in relationships accompanied by laughter and gossip…

On December 17th at 9:28am, GMT, there is a full moon on the 25th degree of the communicative and restless sign of Gemini. During a full moon the Moon is directly opposite the Sun which makes lunar issues, such as feelings, women and family life, all the more important than during the rest of the lunar month. It is thus no wonder that close to full moons there is a higher intensity in the expression of emotions (be it positive or negative) and in our contacts with female figures, as well as a greater focus of interest at home, routines and family life. With this full moon in the sign of Gemini, the ultimate sign of communication and mobility, it is natural for everyone to be willing to talk about feelings, negotiate with female figures and do a lot of traveling in order to arrange routine or household matters.

However, our willingness to discuss and negotiate is at odds with our need to express ourselves in a way that is perhaps overly straight-forward, or even dogmatic, as reveals the position of Mercury in Sagittarius in opposition with the Moon. The sagittarian Mercury is the only planet that makes an aspect to the axis of the full moon - although of great orb - so honest discussions, passionate words and optimistic estimates will probably be quite frequent these days. Equally frequent activities will be: contacting people abroad, making short long-distant trips, taking on many things at once, and being interested in traveling and broadening our intellectual horizons, possibly through seminars or university studies. In any case, the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are both keen to laugh, gossip and have fun, so this full moon is ideal for going out or chatting away on the phone with friends.

There are though two points that should be taken into account regarding this full moon. On the one hand, Venus in Capricorn is practically stationary retrograde receiving no basic aspects from other planets (apart from a dissociate trine of great orb with Mars). On the other hand, Mars in Libra, the sign of Venus, activates the divisive and destabilizing square aspect between Uranus and Pluto. These two points reveal that financial and emotional issues as well as issues of cooperation (i.e., areas ruled by Venus) are probably in the air or may be at risk of "being thrown" in the air during these days. The capricornian demands for professionalism , seriousness , discipline and compliance with rules will be the main reason for problems in relationships, partnerships and financial transactions. Of course, the simultaneous event of Uranus going back into direct motion reveals that many people’s need for freedom and lack of restrictions will cause further friction in relationships. It won’t be though until early March, when Venus is on the same degree where it is now, that we’ll be more certain about the result of this friction that seems to be occurring now in relationships and partnerships. Enjoy the full moon!

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