Sunday 27 December 2020

Full Moon Across Cancer-Capricorn: Getting Rid of Illusions


On December 30, 2020, at 3:28am GMT, there is a Full Moon taking place across the Cancer-Capricorn axis, the axis of structure and hierarchy. It is the first Full Moon after the solar eclipse of December 14, 2020 as well as the first lunation after the beginning of the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle in Aquarius. Thus, this Full Moon represents the first emotional reaction/response to both the eclipse and the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle. Regarding the eclipse, we had written that it was possible for people to experience lack of creative freedom, loss of faith in important people in their life or disorientation and doubts about their purpose in life. On the other hand, the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle foreshadows, among other things, a new economic and social model that is primarily based on information, science, technology and social distance. Teleworking, distance learning and digitization of finance and management are some of the early manifestations of this model.

Of course, the eclipse and the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle are interrelated given the fact that the new economic and social model being gradually introduced has already led many people to conditions of reduced freedom and disorientation or even loss of faith in ideologies and power figures. The current Full Moon, therefore, fully illuminates this climate, culminating in an almost extreme need for emotional security and contact with family and tradition (out-of-bounds Moon in Cancer), so that one can feel comfort in conditions of victimization, danger or threat (Sun conjunct fixed Facies, the Full Moon axis squared by Chiron, Mars squared by Pluto).

Uranus in Taurus, atop an ambivalence triangle with the Full Moon axis, reveals detachment or liberation from materialism and consumerism as a way out of the climate of victimization described above. However, Uranus in Taurus can also describe sudden opportunities for material security, especially if one is ready to think in innovative ways and be more flexible in their choices (out-of-bounds Mercury sextile Neptune).

Finally, one of the tightest aspects of the Full Moon is the waning square between Venus and Neptune, with Venus conjunct the South Lunar Node. This aspect makes direct reference to the period 4-20 May 2020 as well as to the period 20-27 July 2020. So, if you felt during those periods that you tried to materialize a dream concerning relationships, collaborations and financial issues, despite any delusions, illusions or frustrations this may have entailed, you are now in a better position to get rid of these delusions or illusions. The reason is that you can now see the face of the promises that may have been given to you then or that you may have given to others. Thus, you are in a better position to judge whom you can rely on for help but also whom you are in a position to help. So, what illusions and delusions are you willing to get rid of on this Full Moon? And most importantly, which people will you choose to say goodbye to or welcome into your ‘arms’?

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