Sunday 8 April 2012

Venus in Gemini: The Value of Learning, Communicating and Negotiating!

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, cooperation, and harmony entered the sign of Gemini a few days ago (April 3rd 2012) and will remain there until August 7th 2012. Although Venus is a fast-moving planet, which means that it makes a full circle around the Sun in less than two years, it will remain in Gemini for more than four months because it will turn retrograde while transiting that sign. Its retrograde period will start on May 15th 2012 and end on June 28th 2012.  In view of this unusually long stay of Venus in one sign only, I would like to dedicate this post on how Venus will generally manifest its energies while transiting the sign of Gemini. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason for dedicating this post on Venus’ transit through Gemini. This year’s stay of the planet of love in the communicative and playful sign of Gemini is one of the rarest astrological events of our century! The reason lies in the fact that a rare alignment takes place on June 6th 2012: Venus passes directly between the Sun and the Earth

Such alignments come in pairs that are eight years apart and separated by more than a century. More specifically, the last alignment occurred eight years ago in 2004 and the next one will occur in 105 years from now, that is, in 2117, while the alignment prior to the one in 2004 occurred 122 years earlier, namely, in 1882. It is most interesting to note that this strange pattern always repeats itself: 122, 8, 105, 8 (for more info on the astronomical side of this phenomenon, please follow this link). Therefore, the fact that this year’s transit of Venus through Gemini entails such a rare alignment between itself, the Sun and the Earth has to be considered in its astrological interpretation. As such, this post will explain how this year’s Venus in Gemini will instill in us a rare, or perhaps unusual, love and appreciation for learning, communicating, negotiating, and even playing and having fun! The following two posts will explain how each zodiac sign will be expected to incorporate these energies. In order to see in more detail how Venus will function while transiting Gemini, let us examine what the planet of Venus and the sign of Gemini symbolise in astrology.

Regarding Venus, it is no wonder that a planet whose orbit around the Sun is so harmonious is primarily associated with harmony, peace, gentleness and ease. Venus is further associated with our urge to make relationships and to unite ourselves with others, as well as with our urge to love and to be loved; to attract and to be attracted; to value and to be valued. This planet also represents art, beauty, sensuality, graciousness, comfort, pleasure and money, but, if taken to extremes, its sensual energy and desire can lead to self-indulgence, vanity, emphasis on appearances, possessiveness, jealousy, and even greediness. On a more positive note though, Venus spurs us to love and relate with others, while it also represents in us our preparedness to cooperate with others and thus exhibit compromising spirit and diplomacy. In a nutshell, Venus symbolises our urge to love, attract, share and cooperate; if not handled properly, however, the energy of Venus may lead to passivity, inertia, self-indulgence and vanity!     

Now that we have seen what Venus symbolises, it would be a good idea to examine the manner in which its principles will manifest themselves during its transit through the air sign of Gemini. For this reason, we need to take a look at what the main characteristics of this sign are. Gemini follows Taurus and is thus the third sign of the spring season, so its role is to help us enjoy the end of spring and adapt to the arrival of summer, the most prosperous time of the year. For being the first mutable sign, thus the first sign in the zodiac to prepare the arrival of a new season, Gemini is first and foremost related to making connections, forming bridges, negotiating, and being adaptive and versatile. More specifically, for mediating between the two most enjoyable seasons of the year, Gemini is also associated with joy, playfulness, youthfulness and lightness. Furthermore, in terms of human development, Gemini represents that stage in the embryo’s development when the first neurons appear so as for information to be exchanged between different parts of the developing body; hence Gemini’s association with communication, information-gathering, learning, intelligence, speed, curiosity and logic. Gemini’s motto is thus ‘I think’.  

We can already see that the cooperative, loving, harmonious and pleasurable principles of Venus sit quite well with the negotiating, communicative, playful and lively qualities of Gemini. We may thus expect Venus in Gemini to urge us to value communication and negotiation; learning and information-gathering; play and fun. This is a light-hearted Venus interested in savouring and sharing the light side of life, so we may well expect a tendency towards frivolity and superficiality such as love for gossip or for exchanging ideas just for the sake of communicating. On the other hand, Venus in Gemini might bring greater harmony in our communications or engage us in loving and pleasurable conversations. For example, talking or thinking about money, peace, love, art and beauty is a distinct possibility. Further possibilities include relating with others in a playful and speedy manner, which may however favour short-lived relationships where partners find it difficult to commit to one another. Take extra care, because Gemini is a double sign, so erotic triangles are definitely on the agenda!! Moreover, any purchases that take place while Venus is in Gemini are quite likely to be the result of negotiation and bargaining, so keep an eye out for bargains, especially in Venus-ruled areas such as houses, land, clothes, cosmetics, art and entertainment. If we add the rarity of this Venus-in-Gemini transit, which was discussed above, expect an unusual love for bargains and negotiations as well as for learning, playing and enjoying the light side of life!

Stay tuned to find out which part of your life will be particularly receptive to these tendencies on the basis of your personal zodiac sign!

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