Monday 25 February 2013

Full Moon in Virgo: Shall I work or shall I rest?

Today at 8:28pm, GMT, there is a Full Moon on the 7th degree of Virgo, which is one of the two zodiac signs ruled by Mercury and related to service, work, everyday life and perfectionism. With four planets in Pisces, Mercury in retrograde included, we could say that this Full Moon is trying to bring us back to reality without really succeeding. It seems that we are all in a ‘trance’ with a strong tendency to escape reality, which probably means that the Full Moon will bring about feelings of guilt for not being able to deal effectively with issues related to Virgo such as work, health, fitness and nutrition. The Piscean imagination and will to escape invites us to get away from the routine of our work and the way we usually take care of our day to day responsibilities by doing things with more imagination and less adherence to rules and high standards than usual (this post definitely attests to what I’m saying here!).

Indeed, the square this Full Moon receives from Jupiter in Gemini seems to inflate the tension that may result from our effort to trade off between work and rest. But with the Moon and Jupiter both ruled by retrograde Mercury in Pisces what will prevail are relaxation, imagination, daydreaming and preoccupation with the past. So, it’s a good Full Moon if you wish to arrange outstanding work issues from the past in a more imaginative manner. The signs most influenced by this Full Moon are the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). Those who were born a week after the beginning of these signs (i.e. approximately late May, late August, late November and late February) or those who have Ascendant or Midheaven near the 7th degree of these same signs will strongly feel the need to strike the right balance between personal, domestic and professional responsibilities. I wish you a full moon filled with imagination, rest and lots of music and cinema as required by yesterday evening’s Academy Awards show!

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