Wednesday 21 August 2013

Second Full Moon in Aquarius: Passionate love affairs, fun and healing!

On August 21, 2013 at 1:44 am, GMT, there is a second full moon in Aquarius, with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in the sign of its dignity, namely Leo. Similarly to the previous full moon in Aquarius on July 22, this one too calls for striking the right balance between our need for social contribution and change (Moon in Aquarius) and our desire for entertainment and self-promotion (Sun in Leo). Therefore, this full moon is ideal for having fun with friends but also for changing the self-image we used to have until now. It is equally ideal for shining ourselves through organizing some initiative that brings together people from groups or associations we are part of. The big difference from the previous full moon is that the current one takes place with the Sun and Mercury forming a superior conjunction; this gives us the opportunity to really enjoy the fruits of ideas with which we were "lit up" at the July 8 New Moon when there was a Sun-Mercury inferior conjunction. These ideas are related to settling pending issues associated with contacts, discussions, exchanges and learning activities that happened or started around mid-June (when Mercury entered its shadow phase).

Note, however, that Mercury in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius, which shows that our mind (Mercury) and heart (Moon) are at odds with each other. Our interest in highlighting and showcasing ourselves (Mercury in Leo) stands in the way of our need to demonstrate social solidarity by providing emotional support (Moon in Aquarius disposes Mars in Cancer). So, these days it would be useful to think honestly (Mercury in Leo) whether our motivation for helping others is altruistic (Aquarius) or selfish (Leo). Nevertheless, the fact that Mars does not form any basic aspect with other planets indicates that eventually our initiative for providing emotional support to friends or even to the wider society probably falls on deaf ears. It thus seems that what is ultimately important at this full moon is the focus on our personal desires (Sun-Mercury conjunction in Leo).

Given the context described above, the kite that is formed by the Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron grand trine in water signs with Pluto at the top (forming sextiles to Saturn / Chiron and an opposition to Jupiter) is very supportive to anyone who wants to heal themselves emotionally and psychologically. On one hand, the grand trine reveals the extreme ease with which our emotional wounds and weaknesses (Chiron) can be improved (Jupiter) for good (Saturn). On the other hand, Pluto creates appropriate opportunities (sextiles) and the necessary tension (opposition) for us to dive deep into our psyche in order to heal thoroughly (Pluto).

Finally, let's not forget that with the Sun and Mercury in Leo having fun, entertaining ourselves, enjoying the arts and being creative are of paramount importance. Flirting and enjoying the love of a special someone will be of equal importance and for many these activities will turn into ways of escaping reality in line with the dissociate Neptune-Sun opposition. But attention is needed with regard to new love affairs that start under a sky like this, because Venus forms hard aspects with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. So if you meet someone and get carried away thinking that you’ve found the man or woman of your life, think twice and wait at least for a couple of weeks. The reason is that passions can flare up very quickly now and they can just as quickly disappear after some time ... Attention is also needed concerning the management of our finances, because it will be easy to jump into a spending spree only to be left wondering what happened to our savings… However, spending money frenetically can also come through force, that is, in the form of a theft or burglary, so be more alert than usual ... In any case, this full moon calls for going out and having a good time, so make sure you enjoy it!

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