Friday, 30 June 2023

Full Moon across Cancer-Capricorn: A New Era


On July 3, 2023, at 11:38am, GMT, there is a Full Moon taking place across the Cancer-Capricorn axis, the axis of hierarchy and security. Like every Full Moon, this one too culminates the lunar period that began with the previous New Moon, the one of June 18 in this case. If that New Moon created a sense of urgency to settle serious issues and professional or other obligations in a climate of uncertainty and confusion, now, with Neptune having just turned retrograde, that climate recedes so that one can settle the above issues more easily.

In fact, with the superior Sun-Mercury conjunction observed under this Full Moon, one can also see important ideas, discussions or negotiations that took place near the previous inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction, that of May 1, 2023, coming to fruition, even if this happens in unexpected ways (Moon and Mercury out of bounds, Venus square Uranus). In addition, being in a good mood can help one to find intelligent solutions to satisfy both the demands of work and family as well as the need for rest, entertainment and freedom (Full Moon axis in trine/sextile with Jupiter and in secondary hard aspects with Mars in Leo, which is conjunct Venus and quincunx Neptune).

Finally, it is worth noting that this Full Moon is the last one that hosts the Lunar Nodes across the Taurus-Scorpio axis, given that from the coming New Moon of July 17, 2023, the Nodes will have moved to the Aries-Libra axis. This means that close ties and relationships, as well as group processes, are moving into a new direction, a new era. More specifically, if during the previous one and a half year, questions of material survival and emotional resilience were on the agenda, the next one year and a half will raise questions of competition and compromise.

How exactly, then, are you planning to level up your important relationships and partnerships?

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