Sunday, 10 August 2014

Full Moon in Aquarius: Me or Us?

On 10 August at 6:09 pm, GMT, there is a full moon in the friendly and innovative sign of Aquarius with the Sun being opposite in the playful and majestic sign of Leo. Just like any full moon, this one too calls for striking the right balance between two opposing trends. In this case, the balance has to do with the axis of Me (Leo) and Us (Aquarius). The question then becomes how can we illuminate our uniqueness (Sun in Leo) while respecting the basic need for being considered unique among equals (Moon in Aquarius)? Or how we can increase our confidence (Sun in Leo) while serving the needs of the community (Moon in Aquarius)?

Either way, one needs to strike the right balance between the individual spirit of Leo and the collective spirit of Aquarius, a balance that tilts slightly towards Leo because there is Mercury too. Thus, the mind (Mercury) and the soul (Moon) are in opposing camps, which means that while the mind is focused on how to showcase ourselves (Mercury in Leo), the soul longs for social acceptance and integration (Moon in Aquarius) . One solution would be for everyone to take turns at being ‘chatty’ and unique so that everyone can enjoy the ‘spotlight’.  

At the same time, Saturn squares the Scorpio Full Moon axis, which dampens the spirits and reduces the cheerfulness, vitality and desire for social interaction that would otherwise be manifest at a full moon across the Leo-Aquarius axis, an axis that clearly has to do with entertainment (Leo) and sociability (Aquarius). Economic constraints or perhaps a certain tendency for workaholism (Saturn in Scorpio) seems to block (squares) our desire to entertain ourselves among friends, which may lead to pre-arranged holidays or evenings out to be postponed or all together cancelled. This possibility is heightened by the fact that Venus receives no major aspects from other planets, so financial transactions and socializing probably don’t pan out. Due to the zodiacal position of Venus (Cancer), staying at home or with the family is favoured.  

Nevertheless, Uranus in harmonious aspects to the full moon axis will give some unexpected and exciting leeway. Once again though, the dilemma between the old and the new (Saturn-Uranus quincunx) arises, perhaps even more strongly now because Saturn and Uranus co-rule the Moon in Aquarius. As we wrote in the previous post about the New Moon in Leo, Saturn in direct motion and retrograde Uranus seem to currently favor the beaten track, that is, the promotion of tradition and caution at the expense of originality and innovation. In any case, the Mars-Pluto sextile provides us with opportunities for focusing our action on something specific despite the Mars-Neptune trine which may undermine our action and despite the Mars-Jupiter square which probably promises more than it can deliver. Enjoy the August full moon!

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