Thursday, 10 December 2015

New Moon in Sagittarius: The Elephant in the Room…

On December 11th 2015 at 10:29am, GMT, there is a New Moon in the adventurous, expansive and forward-moving sign of Sagittarius. Just like with every New Moon, this one too marks a new beginning related to the area of our horoscope where the New Moon happens to fall. Due to the sign, this new beginning has to do with legal and holiday issues as well as with issues related to development, studies, travel and relationships with people who live abroad. Moreover, the New Moon (i.e. the Sun-Moon conjunction in Sagittarius) is at the apex of two different planetary patterns, which renders this new beginning very interesting to say the least! More specifically, the New Moon is at the apex of a T-Square and an Ambivalence Triangle.

Thus, on the one hand, the new beginning can bring more joy, optimism and festive mood despite the ongoing instability and despite any obstacles or any growing feelings of marginalization, victimization or disadvantage (New Moon in Sagittarius at the apex of a mutable T-Square involving the Jupiter-Chiron opposition). On the other hand, the new beginning is able to use qualities, such as magnanimity, generosity and optimism, as means to escape from negative situations, such as sudden fights, tantrums and break-ups; these negative situations seem to have already caused pain, transformation and radical changes (New Moon in Sagittarius at the apex of an Ambivalence Triangle involving the Mars-Uranus opposition, which is also involved in the now separating T-Square with Pluto at its apex).

Finally, it is important to mention that Mercury has entered Capricorn and is not only unaspected but also out-of-bounds. In other words, neither does Mercury form aspects to other planets nor is it within the bounds set by the ecliptic, the Sun’s apparent path around the Earth. Thus, issues of communication, learning, trade, transport and sibling relationships take on a quite original, subversive and irregular streak that may even seem uncontrollable or extreme. For this reason, however, these same issues will turn into matters that will concern us to the point of obsession or, quite opposite, to the point of complete dissociation from these. In combination with the restrictive side of Capricorn, communications may come to a halt and the silence will be deafening. It will almost feel like there is an elephant in the room… May you enjoy the New Moon!

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