Saturday 22 September 2018

Full Moon Across Aries-Libra: The Apogee of Order!

On September 25, 2018, at 2:52 am, GMT, there is a Full Moon taking place with the Moon in the combative, enthusiastic and impatient sign of Aries and the Sun in the peaceful, compromising and harmonic sign of Libra. Similarly to any Full Moon, this one too calls for us to strike the right balance between two opposing forces. Presently, with the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra, there seems to be the following dilemma: should one satisfy their own individual needs or should they attach importance to cooperation and compromise? This dilemma may also be experienced as a struggle between the need for war (Moon in Aries) and the importance one attaches to peace (Sun in Libra).

The answer to the above dilemmas is probably more favorable for the Libra side of things. On the one hand, the Moon conjunct Chiron illuminates the inability to meet personal needs and, on the other hand, Mars, the Moon’s dispositor, atop an ambivalence trine and conjunct the South Node, invites us to get rid of any competitive or warlike tendencies. Moreover, the Sun and Mercury separating conjunction in Libra reveals that there have recently appeared brilliant ideas and important negotiations on the condition of collaboration and reconciliation.

However, the fact that Saturn is atop a cardinal T-square, with the participation of the Lights, Mercury and Chiron, shows that there is great mobility and anxiety because strict rules and a potentially harsh reality stand in the way of both meeting personal needs and achieving cooperative agreements and negotiations. In spite of the obstacles, however, observance of rules, systematic progress and the imposition of order (Saturn in Capricorn) will eventually allow the emergence of unexpectedly new horizons – so suggests the Saturn-Uranus trine. In addition, Venus, by closely activating the Saturn-Neptune midpoint, reveals that relationships and partnerships enter a period of fulfilling some kind of dream or ideal that leaves behind subversive movements and upheavals (separating Venus-Mars-Uranus T-square). In any case, we wish you a Full Moon that brings more order to your life!

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