Thursday 30 May 2019

New Moon in Gemini: Things Become Fluid!

On June 3, 2019, at 10:01 am, GMT, there is a New Moon taking place in the airy, communicative and versatile sign of Gemini. Just like any New Moon, this one too calls for us to make a new beginning in that area of one’s horoscope where it happens to occur. Due to the sign, this new beginning is concerned with learning, communication and travel issues and it urges us to develop our negotiation skills and thus become more flexible. With Mercury, the New Moon’s dispositor, out-of-bounds and unaspected, these issues seen to have an original and unusual character and can thus turn into obsession...

Indeed, given that the New Moon participates in an approaching mutable T-Square with Jupiter in opposition and Neptune atop, this new beginning requires great flexibility and adaptability to
unstable and unpredictable situations. There appears to be a general climate of fluidity where ambiguity and chaos reign (Neptune atop)! On a positive note, five planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune) are simultaneously dignified. Therefore, it looks like things are gradually falling into place even if one has to take the long way for that to happen!

One of the tightest aspects in the New Moon's chart is the Saturn-Neptune sextile with the former in close conjunction with the Moon's Southern Node. This sextile gives us the opportunity to realize ideals and dreams, as long as we are willing to leave behind Saturn's rules, programming and (material) security. Besides, if there is something that helps us evolve under this New Moon, that is the pursuit of emotional security and the undertaking of unusual initiatives aimed at demonstrating affection and caring to others (out-of-bounds Mars in conjunction with the North Node in Cancer). This way it will be easier to accept any confusion or fluidity (Mars-Neptune trine). In any case, we wish you enjoy the New Moon!

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