Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Full Moon across Leo-Aquarius: The Magic of New Horizons

On February 9, 2020, at 7.33am, GMT, there is a Full Moon across the Leo-Aquarius axis, the axis of personal and group promotion and creativity, inviting us to strike the right balance between individuality and collectivity. With the Moon in the Sun’s sign and the Sun in Aquarius, it seems that teamwork, solidarity and collectivity will prevail. In addition, like every full moon, this one too culminates processes that began with the previous New Moon, in this case the January 24th one, which spoke of more freedom and pioneering spirit.

In fact, with Mars in Sagittarius getting out of bounds in trine with the Moon it seems that these processes will easily lead to innovative, unusual and extreme actions and initiatives, especially in terms of expansion, development, travel and education. In addition, the Full Moon applies to a critical degree ruled by Jupiter, which presently stresses the great importance of the need for freedom and new horizons. In fact, Jupiter conjuncts the fixed star Wega at Orpheus' Lyre and is in sextile with Neptune at Saturn’s critical degree, which implies that these new horizons have something almost magical, idyllic or charismatic and give one the opportunity to fulfill a major dream.

After all, with Mercury in Pisces, many people’s minds have already embraced the more magical, romantic and dreamy side of life, but communications and travel may have taken on a more relaxed or even chaotic character over which one may become obsessed due to Mercury being essentially unaspected. Finally, although Venus from the sign of her traditional debility conjuncts Chiron, revealing self-worth wounds, all planets are direct and moving fast allowing for rapid developments and closure in several issues. Make the most of this time because by the middle of the month Mercury's retrograde movement and the absence of planets from airy signs will render communications and travel quite problematic. We wish you enjoy the Full Moon, which, if anything, promotes fun and entertainment with friends!

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