Sunday 5 April 2020

Full Moon across Aries-Libra: The Dogma of Terror…

On April 8, 2020, at 2:34am, GMT, there is a Full Moon taking place across Aries-Libra, the axis of relationships and balance between Me and Us. Processes that began with the March 24th New Moon now culminate. That New Moon spoke of the need for healing, given the pandemic conditions that the whole planet is experiencing. Presently, the Full Moon seems to culminate people's obedience to their rulers as the Sun is at the degree of his pure exaltation and the Moon at the degree of the Sun’s pure fall. After all, Mars and Venus, the dispositors of the Lights, are in an airy trine with each other, which favors the prevailing spirit of cooperation and compromise where healing is the ultimate goal (Chiron in sextile aspects with Mars and Venus).

On a more psychological level, however, the same astrological influences shed light on the need to balance between excessive creative tendencies, on the one hand, and blocked joy or optimism on the other. In fact, with the Full Moon axis in secondary, but harsh, aspects with both Venus and Neptune - the former being out-of-bounds and at a critical degree - any attempt for balance has to adjust to situations of widespread uncertainty and confusion that cause tribulations, insecurity and extreme tendencies in relations and economic developments.
At the same time, the Full Moon axis is part of a cardinal T-Square where the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is involved. Simply put, there is a great need for action and initiatives that bring a multitude of deep changes at the level of governance as well as in terms of jobs and structures in everyone's life. At its best, Jupiter's encounter with Pluto may lead to liberation from rotten philosophies and worldviews, but, at its worst, it may bring extreme fanaticism and an autocratic expression of power. The close activation of the Sun/Saturn and Moon/Saturn midpoints by Jupiter-Pluto, along with the activation of the Saturn/Chiron midpoint by Venus and the Lights, seems to favor the worst-case scenario where personal and emotional expression is suppressed and where any expression of doubt or disagreement becomes a cause for intimidation and marginalization.
Finally, Mercury’s transit through the sign of his debility (Pisces), and in sextile aspect with Jupiter-Pluto, does not favor clarity of thought regarding the dogma of terror (Jupiter-Pluto) that is particularly prevalent these days. In any case, we hope you can act as freely as you can despite the surprises and uncertainty of the period! (Mars in Aquarius in hard aspects with Uranus and Neptune)

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