Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Full Moon Across Aries-Libra: Time for Justice


On March 28, 2021, at 6:48 pm, GMT, there is a Full Moon taking place across the Aries-Libra axis, the axis of relations, peace and war. Following the previous New Moon, to which we had given the title ‘Catharsis, Redemption and Rebellion’, the Full Moon culminates these processes by bringing catharsis and creating ‘rebellion’ in relationships of all kinds. More specifically, with the Moon in Libra, the need for peace and compromise, but also for justice, is paramount. This way wounds that have long been open in relationships, collaborations and economy can be healed (Venus-Chiron conjunct the Sun). In fact, the Full Moon takes place with the Sun and Venus in a superior conjunction, which makes direct reference to the inferior conjunction of these same planets that took place in late May-early June 2020, when the first simultaneous lockdown of billions of people on the planet was coming to an end.

Therefore, the present Full Moon helps us see clearly the effects of the lockdown both in terms of relationships and collaborations as well as in terms of economy and values. The Full Moon activates, after all, the Saturn-Uranus square - an aspect that we have often called ‘Deconstruction and Reform’ - revealing the deconstruction that has already come in many relationships and collaborations but also in terms of economy and values. Relationships that are falling apart, collaborations that have suffered, an economy that is on its knees, and values that seem to have been ‘thrown out of the window’, all this creates an explosive mix waiting to be released under a totalitarian regime of terror and decay (Pluto unaspected).

The commitment to pioneering, even extreme, actions or battles that defend humanitarian ideals may provide a lifeline and become an indicator of spiritual evolution (Saturn trine out-of-bounds-Mars-North Node in air signs).  However, this might lead some people to take the law in their own hands (Moon sesquisquare Jupiter) or it might simply mean that faith, prayer, hope and romanticism are the only logical way out (Mercury-Neptune in conjunction).

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