Wednesday, 10 March 2021

New Moon in Pisces: Catharsis, Redemption and Rebellion


On March 13, 2021, at 9:21 am, GMT, there is a New Moon taking place in the watery, romantic and idealistic sign of Pisces. Like any New Moon, this one too symbolizes the opportunity for a new beginning in that area of one's horoscope where it happens to occur. Due to the sign’s nature, beginnings are favored that have to do with relaxation and escape but also with purification, redemption and devotion to something higher. With Mercury now emerging from its shadow period, at the degree where it was when it turned retrograde in late January, it seems that some of the ideas, discussions and negotiations that have been pending since then, are now complete, even in a revised way. Therefore, one can in part achieve the desired relaxation and redemption, despite the objective obstacles posed by the general climate of deconstruction that we have talked about before (Lights in semi-square aspects with Saturn-Uranus).

In fact, the sextile formed between the Lights and Pluto will allow many to be reborn from their ashes, while the Venus-Neptune conjunction, which the Lights have just left behind, seems to speak of the approach of many to a dream or ideal. This dream or ideal may be related to relationships, values ​​or financial issues. Furthermore, the Mars-Saturn trine in mutual sextiles with Chiron allows for long-term actions that provide opportunities for healing.

Finally, it is worth noting that the present New Moon precedes the Spring Equinox, laying the seed for what is to follow in the next trimester. After all, Mars activates the eclipse of May 26, 2021, showing that the New Moon sets off developments that will concern us at least until the next eclipse season (May-June 2021). These developments speak of people that, with the blessings of the universe, brandish Aldebaran’s sword to rebel and unite under the common goal of Freedom. In any case, the coming months will require from all of us to be constantly vigilant!

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