Monday 7 June 2021

Solar Eclipse in Gemini: The Search for the Lost Sibling


On June 10, 2021, at 10:52am, GMT, there is a New Moon taking place, which is also a solar eclipse. It is the second and last eclipse of the summer - the previous one was the lunar eclipse that occurred on May 26. Each solar eclipse opens or closes an important chapter that refers to our identity, creativity or purpose in life or even to our relationship with an important male person such as the father or spouse / partner. Because of the sign of Gemini where the eclipse occurs, many may feel a sense of urgency to communicate, move or travel as they may have missed these activities in the previous months.

However, on a more psychological and archetypal level, the sign of Gemini is associated with the search for the lost sibling. Therefore, the eclipse may stir in many of us the need to reconnect either with our siblings, if we have any, or with friends or other people who are almost like ‘brothers’ or ‘sisters’ to us. In fact, the square that the Lights receive from Neptune intensifies the feeling of melancholy or uncertainty that social conditions create in one’s effort to search for the lost sibling. Deeper fears are also stirred, such as the fear of a metaphorical ‘castration’, given that, just a few days after the eclipse, peaks the second square of Saturn-Uranus, the two mythological rivals.

Therefore, how willing are you to live free (Uranus) with your real or spiritual siblings under the threat, however, of a dangling sword (Saturn)? Moreover, how willing are you, at a time when hugging is a revolutionary act, to open your arms wide to those you love? (out-of- bounds Venus in Cancer in sextile with Uranus and square with Chiron) With Mercury in conjunction with the fixed star Bellatrix, on the one hand, and with the Nodal axis across the Aldebaran-Antares axis, the axis of the archangelic swords, on the other hand, it seems that courage abounds and that many of you are already sharpening your ‘swords’ to defend and protect those you love the most…

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