Thursday 5 January 2023

Full Moon across Cancer-Capricorn: With or Without Seat Belt?


On January 6, 2023, at 11:08pm, GMT, there is a Full Moon taking place across Cancer-Capricorn, the axis of structure and security. It is the first Full Moon of the year and culminates processes that may have begun near the previous New Moon, that of December 23, 2022. That New Moon may have led many to set high goals and take professional or other risks in order to have more freedom of movement in their lives. Presently with the Full Moon axis forming harmonious aspects with Uranus, solutions are found so that one can easily achieve more freedom, even if one has to wait for external conditions to mature or for one's own self to make up their mind and break away from the past. After all, both Mars and Mercury remain retrograde until January 12 and 18, respectively, postponing actions and final decisions until after January 18.

In fact, the Sun being in inferior conjunction with Mercury indicates that important discussions and brilliant ideas that are now making their appearance will begin to give results and bear fruit within the next couple of months. This, however, will not necessarily happen in the expected manner given the intense Uranian streak of the Full Moon. Thus, one’d better keep an open mind these days because a surprise or unexpected solution may help with breaking away from situations that may have been ‘dragging’ due to a series of revisions, postponements and suspensions of action that retrograde and out-of-bounds Mars has specifically signaled during his prolonged stay in Gemini.

Therefore, if one is willing to leave behind their safety or comfort zone, it is very likely that they will be led to roads, people or acquaintances that will help them achieve a smaller or bigger dream (Lights = Neptune/North Node). How willing, then, would you be to leave your comfort zone and drive without your ‘seat belt’ on?

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