Friday, 16 June 2023

New Moon in Gemini: Obligations and Escapes


On June 18, 2023, at 4:37a, GMT, there is a New Moon taking place in the communicative and intellectual sign of Gemini. Like every New Moon, this one too prompts us to make a fresh start in that sector of one's horoscope where it happens to occur. Due to the sign’s nature, the new beginning may be related to matters of communication – oral or written – as well as matters of education, trade and nearby commuting and travel. But more than a fresh start, this New Moon produces a sense of urgency to sort out serious matters and professional or other pending obligations that will take their time, perhaps even into early November, as the stationary-retrograde Saturn seems to be revealing.

All this, however, in a climate of uncertainty and confusion that will intensify behaviors of avoidance and escape from the above obligations and pending matters (square of Lights with Neptune). This climate may particularly concern financial management and developments within relationships and partnerships (Venus in secondary hard aspects to the Lights and Neptune). There are, however, opportunities for understanding, discussion and mutually acceptable solutions so that obligations can be settled and summer getaways can take place (Mercury-Venus sextile).

On an additional positive note, this New Moon can help one more easily regain strength and fix bad situations that concern his or her personal activities (Mars-Chiron trine). Smaller or bigger professional successes are also part of this New Moon for anyone who has already worked and deserves it (Jupiter-Saturn sextile).

So, how do you plan to manage your obligations and how much time will you allow yourself for relaxation?

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