Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Sun entering Taurus: A Foretaste of Hard Work, Productivity and Enjoyment

The Sun entered the sign of Taurus today, April 20, and will remain there until May 21, so I would like to write a few things about how this energy will manifest in ourselves and in situations we encounter in our everyday lives for the next 30 days or so. I think it is important to write about it, because the Sun is the heart centre of our solar system: not only does it account for more than 99.8% of all the matter in the solar system, but it also weighs 700 times more than all of the other planets put together! And it goes without saying that life here on Earth would not be possible if it weren’t for the light and warmth it receives from the Sun.

Given the importance of the Sun in terms of its position and role in our solar system, it is not surprising that in astrology the Sun represents power, strength, courage, vitality, will, pride, authority, centrality, uniqueness and creativity. In every single birth chart the Sun is the most important planet; in fact, it is the position of the Sun in a person’s chart that determines his/her zodiac sign. For instance, a person born with the Sun in Taurus is Taurus, whereas a person born with the Sun in Scorpio is Scorpio. Furthermore, because of its association with many mythological heroes, the Sun also represents in astrology our own personal hero, that is, the kind of hero we become in our lives and the kind of things we want to be recognised and admired for. Therefore, the Sun reveals our purpose and goal in life, our core identity and personal potential, our urge to be and to create.

So, how will the Sun’s transit through the earth sign of Taurus manifest itself? Well, it’d be useful to mention here a few of the characteristics attributed to the sign of Taurus. This sign follows Aries and is the second sign of the spring, so its role is to establish, secure and stabilise the initiatives taken by Aries. If Aries is about sowing the seeds, Taurus is about planting them firmly in the ground and making sure they grow to become plants and trees. Therefore, Taurus is related to fertility, security, stability, continuity, tenacity, endurance, stamina, patience, deliberation, reliability, solidity and loyalty. Taurus is also about slowly producing things which are meant to last. It is further related to pleasure, joy, sensuality, calm, comfort and contact with nature. In a nutshell, Taurus is interested in building, enjoying and measuring possessions and the material world.       
   With the Sun entering the productive and security-seeking sign of Taurus, our purpose and goal for approximately the next 30 days will be to focus our energies on giving form and shape to whatever projects we initiated in the past few weeks, while the Sun was transitting the fiery, enthusiastic, pioneering and competitive sign of Aries. Actually, there are still many planets transitting Aries at the moment, such as Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, with Venus too entering Aries tomorrow; so, collectively, we are still going through a phase of initiations and new beginnings with all the enthusiasm, determination and sense of urgency that come with them. However, the fact that the Sun has already moved onto the fertile, patient and practical sign of Taurus means that the initial enthusiasm has pretty much subsided by now

What becomes thus important for the next 30 days is to decide which of the projects we initiated are worth keeping, developing and relying upon. These projects may be personal or related to our family and professional life. However, regardless of the nature of these projects, one thing is for sure: some of these will come to pass, whereas others will grow and flourish in a slow but steady manner. The problem is that, while the Sun was in Aries, we may have been too caught up in our enthusiasm and urgency to initiate things and to get the ball rolling that we didn’t stop to think about potential obstacles. The Sun’s transit through the thoughtful and reflective sign of Taurus will bring us back to reality, which means that decisions and plans made with the Sun in Aries will inevitably stumble upon practicalities and material limitations illuminated by the Sun in Taurus. Therefore, the Taurean Sun will help us recognise which of our plans are feasible (in terms of time and money, for instance) and will further provide us with the necessary patience, stamina, strength and perseverance to see these plans through to completion.
This way we will not only work hard and patiently to create something tangible and solid, but we will also gratify ourselves by enjoying the fruits that these efforts will eventually bear. After all, let’s not forget the association of Taurus with pleasure, comfort and sensuality, which will also become important themes in our lives for the next 30 days. Therefore, periods of labouring to bring about tangible outcomes will alternate with periods of celebrating the fruits of our hard work by indulging ourselves in all the physical and material delights that life has to offer.
Mark my words, because this year’s transit of the Sun through Taurus is meant to give us a foretaste of what is to follow from May onwards. The faster-moving planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars will be also transitting Taurus at different times from May 11 until June 21 and will therefore accentuate perseverance, patience and enjoyment in the ways we act, relate and communicate during that period. Most importantly, however, the slower-moving planet of Jupiter will make its grand entrance in the sign of Taurus on June 4 and will remain there for one year. I promise to dedicate soon another article on how Jupiter will manifest its energies in relation to our zodiac sign, but suffice it to say here that Jupiter in Taurus will expand our tendencies to work hard for things that will last, on the one hand, and to enjoy material things and comforts, on the other. So, choose wisely and carefully what projects you wish to focus on for the next 30 days, because it seems that these will be part of your life for the next year as well.

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