Sunday, 3 November 2013

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Radical Changes Ahead...

On November 3, 2013 at 12:49 pm, GMT, there is a solar eclipse at the 11th degree of Scorpio. A solar Eclipse is a New Moon, that is one more moment in time when the Sun and Moon join together pushing us to make a fresh start in some area of our lives. What is special about solar eclipses is the fact that the moon is in such a position that it hides the light of the Sun. This "blackout" intensifies the importance of such a New Moon, hence the connection of solar eclipses to the beginning and the end of major chapters in our lives. Although there is no general consensus regarding the duration of the influence of eclipses, the peak of their influence is felt with greater intensity one month before up to one month after the date of the eclipse. It is also not unusual for the influence to start several months before and to last for several months afterwards.

This eclipse is extremely important for two main reasons. First, it takes place in the sign of Scorpio which is the sign of radical changes and transformations. Secondly, Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio and hence the dispositor of the current eclipse, forms an exact square to Uranus. This aspect is in force since 2009, will be repeated four more times until 2015 and portends serious crises and revolutionary changes in the lives of us all. In this eclipse, the exact Uranus-Pluto square and the involvement of Saturn in tight conjunction to the Sun and Moon portend serious crises and subversive changes at government level. It is no coincidence that lately the Prime Minister of Libya was kidnapped and the Obama administration suffered a budget crisis that led to a temporary paralysis of the federal state.

It is worth mentioning that the eclipse takes place with many planets in water signs but without any planet in an air sign. This shows that the important changes signaled by the eclipse will bring about a torrent of emotions which we will find difficult to express in words or to explain rationally. This also implies that our communications will not be easily carried out under these conditions. Note however that the predominance of the element of water will encourage the conclusion of important therapies on a physical, emotional and psychological level. So reveals Chiron in trine aspect to the eclipse, opposition aspect to Mars and exact aspects to Uranus and Pluto. Such a Chiron position shows that the upcoming changes will hurt us but on the other hand we will be able to get rid of any emotional or other wounds once and for all. Certainly, the prevalence of the water element in the eclipse chart may bring major natural disasters such as floods and tsunamis...

Furthermore, the presence of retrograde Mercury conjunct the eclipse reveals that everyone's mind is deeply focused on the upcoming crises and revolutionary changes. But these will be delayed at least until Mercury turns direct and goes back to the degree it occupied at the time of the eclipse, which will happen on November 19. Mercury retrograde reminds us that the crises and changes we are talking about are directly related to events that took place either during Mercury’s previous retrogradation last summer or during the last time Mercury was at the same degree of Scorpio, that is last year in mid-October. Thus, it is a good idea for you to think about what was going on in your lives back then, because the current eclipse will stir issues related to events that happened then. We should also point out that Venus and Jupiter receive no basic aspects from other planets (apart from a Jupiter - Saturn trine of great orb). This means that it is all the more difficult for everyone to enjoy life, while the financial benefits and the increase of our purchasing power won’t be seen until much later, at least until June 2014 when Jupiter finds itself at the same zodiacal degree it occupied in the eclipse chart. Enjoy the eclipse!

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