Wednesday, 28 May 2014

New Moon in Gemini: Confusion, Art and Idealisation

On May 28, 2014 at 6:40pm, GMT, there is a New Moon in the communicative and information-seeking sign of Gemini. Therefore, all new beginnings related to information-gathering and research as well as travel, transport and communications are favoured. Because of the fact that Mercury, this New Moon’s dispositor, is in the same sign as the New Moon, our interest in information, transportation and communication becomes even greater, while the trine that the New Moon receives from Mars favours initiatives that aim at communicating, learning or trading. Note of course that Mercury has already entered its shadow phase, which means that it has slowed down in view of its imminent retrogradation that starts on June 8th. It has thus gradually begun to look back to the past, specifically to November and December 2013 when Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were exactly at the same degrees where they are now.

Thus, issues of communication, learning, writing, transport or trade that have been pending since then come back to light during this New Gemini Moon. This means that it’s high time you spoke to people you’ve been meaning to speak to; it’s high time you learnt about a topic you’ve been meaning to learn; it’s high time you visited a nearby place you’ve been meaning to visit; it’s also high time you purchased that vehicle or those books you’ve been meaning to purchase; finally, it’s high time you started that commercial activity you’ve been meaning to start. The exact sextile that Mercury forms with Venus gives us the opportunity to do all of the above with joy, pleasure and delight. It also gives us the opportunity to talk or learn (Mercury) about financial matters or matters of beauty, art and values ​​(Venus). 

The fact that Mercury has entered its shadow phase further means that it will find itself on the same degree of Gemini both on June 18th while retrograde and on July 12th while back on direct motion. Thus, contacts and communications carried out these days will have to be revised come June 8th all the more because the New Moon receives an exact square from Neptune, which creates a lot of confusion and uncertainty regarding communications, information and travel. In other words, what you learn or hear these days is probably open to way too many different interpretations... Besides, the land of Neptune is one of mirrors, chaos, fantasy and idealisation where what one sees may have nothing to do with reality.

Nevertheless, artistic activities (especially the cinema, photography and dance) are definitely favoured by this strong neptunian influence while equally favoured are activities associated with mysticism, esotericism, religion, meditation and everything alternative. In closing, let us be reminded that the New Moon in Gemini, similarly to the previous New Moon, takes place with a grand trine in the water signs between Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron. Therefore, many people may be given the gift of healing, love, understanding and emotional support, all clearly needed in view of the great tension and friction that was caused by the recent grand cross in the cardinal signs. Enjoy the New Moon!

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