Tuesday 17 February 2015

New Moon n Aquarius: The ‘Finger of Fate’ is Back…

On February 18, 2015, 11:47pm, GMT, there is one more New Moon taking place this year in the sign of Aquarius. The first one took place on January 20th in the very first degree of the sign, while the current one takes place in the very last degree of the same sign (at 29º 59΄ to be accurate). We were writing back then about a new beginning that had a touch of subversion and revision – this was clearly confirmed given the significant subversion in Greek politics with the election of a left government five days later and the subsequent revision of several decisions that had been made by the previous government. All this subversion is in line with the two successive New Moons in the same sign, which is very rare and unusual and definitely matched to the subversive and revolutionary nature of the sign of Aquarius.

The fact that the current New Moon takes place in the very last degree of the sign reveals that the touch of subversion is about to die out. And similarly to the inductance effect according to which a lamp shines much more once off, the subversion seems to make one last brilliant appearance before it dies out for good. This is in line with the fact that Mars is also in the very last degree (of Pisces) which makes a similar case about romance. Besides, the square the New Moon receives from Saturn, its traditional dispositor, refers to obstacles that reality sets to several romantic ideas about subversive and revolutionary principles (New Moon Aquarius conjunct Neptune). The simultaneous harsh activation of the Uranus-Pluto square by the New Moon brings extra difficulties and obstacles to subversion because of the need for its integration with the need for profound changes aimed at cleansing.

Moreover, the planetary pattern called "Finger of Fate" strikes again! It's the same sextile aspect (60º) between Pluto and Chiron both in quincunxes (150º) to Jupiter about which we had written at the previous Full Moon (February 4). Thus, the opportunity for healing our wounds is possible (Chiron-Pluto sextile) provided we show generosity and optimism despite the difficulties (quincunxes to Jupiter). Moreover, the trine Jupiter receives from Uranus conjunct the Lunar South Node in Aries promises effortless optimism and expansion of horizons as long as we get rid of selfish and militant behavior patterns. This would help us think in more original and socially supportive ways (Uranus disposing of Mercury in Aquarius) so as to seize the opportunity for more realistic thinking (Mercury-Saturn sextile). Finally, Mercury, in direct motion, is in the same degree it occupied close to the 5th January and the 4th February Full Moons which should help with settling issues that have been pending since then. Enjoy the New Moon!

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