Sunday 22 November 2015

Full Moon in Gemini: ‘Full House’ of Instability!

On November 25th 2015 at 10:44pm, GMT, there is a Full Moon in the communicative, agile and inquisitive sign of Gemini, which implies of course that the Sun is in the opposite sign of Sagittarius. Therefore, we are expected to strike the right balance between collecting (Gemini) and disseminating (Sagittarius) information, between short (Gemini) and long-distance (Sagittarius) travels as well as between learning (Gemini) and teaching (Sagittarius). The balance is clearly tilted towards Sagittarius given the simultaneous presence of Mercury, the Full Moon’s dispositor, and Saturn in that sign. Thus, there is a great emphasis on the dissemination of knowledge and information and on the expansion of our horizons despite any insecurity involved. Indeed, the Sun-Saturn-Mercury stellium seems to be talking about brilliant ideas and contacts that can be important for the future. Important breaks and disruptions in communications and transportations may well be expected, although the goal will be the improvement of these thanks to Sagittarius. Anyhow, issues related to media, transport, education, travel and publishing will all be highlighted and illuminated by the Full Moon so that they can bloom.

It’s also worth noting that the Full Moon axis is squared by Neptune, thus forming a T-Square with that planet at its apex. This formation reminds us that only if we go with the flow will we be able to reap any benefits from the activities mentioned above. So, let’s ensure ample time (Saturn in Sagittarius) to be able to cope with blockages (squares) caused by circumstances of confusion, uncertainty and blur (Neptune). Fashion, cinema, the occult and the arts are areas that can now emerge triumphant in terms of advertising, promotion and PR, as long as they allow for vagueness, ambiguity and leeway to rule (Neptune at the T-Square apex).

A way to release some of the mental tension and anxiety produced by the Gemini-Sagittarius axis is provided by Mars at the apex of an ambivalence triangle formed with the Full Moon axis. The release can be through harmonious, artistic or peaceful activities (Mars in Libra). Nevertheless, Venus is located at the degree of the Sun’s pure fall (19° Libra) in a separating T-Square with Uranus-Pluto revealing financial or romantic twists and profound changes that have now come to pass and that are due to great difficulties in starting or sustaining relationships, partnerships and financial transactions. Moreover, the Full Moon axis is located on the degrees of Venus’ pure fall and exaltation, thus stressing the importance of the current challenges and difficulties in terms of romance and finance (North Node at the degree of Venus’ pure fall). Finally, the utter lack of fixity in the Full Moon chart accompanied by an emphasis on mutability highlights the ‘Full House’ of instability… In other words, the Full Moon denotes a time of great volatility, fluidity and unpredictability reminding us once more of the need to go with the flow. Enjoy the Full Moon!

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