Thursday, 23 August 2018

Full Moon Across Virgo-Pisces: It’s Now or Never!

On August 26 2018, there is a Full Moon taking place at 11:56 am, GMT, with the Moon in the dreamy and romantic sign of Pisces while the Sun is in the practical and realistic sign of Virgo. This is the first Full Moon after the last solar eclipse of the year and it fully illuminates the chapter that opened or closed near the past New Moon / Eclipse that took place in Leo. We wrote back then that this chapter concerned issues of creativity, self-expression and entertainment that entailed many outstanding issues and exaggerations or failures in communication.

Currently, with Mercury back in direct motion and Mars and Saturn getting ready to follow Mercury’s lead in two and ten days, respectively, the outstanding issues are about to be settled while the exaggerations or failures in communications are about to be corrected. In fact, emotions seem to take off due to a personal completion associated with a great financial, material or practical gift that promises a successful new beginning with solid foundations for the future. So suggests the Moon at the top of a kite that includes a grand trine in earth in early degrees with the involvement of Sun-Saturn-Uranus.

The fundamental condition, however, for the gift and success is the purity and nobleness of our ideals - if for whatever reason our ideals or dreams are corrupt, then great loss or confusion will be the result. This seems to be the message of the Moon conjunct the royal star Fomalhaut in the mouth of South Pisces. From this position, this star also calls for a change from a materialistic point of view to a more spiritual or idealistic one. Therefore, whatever financial, practical or material gift one receives near this Full Moon, it is important to be able to use it for some higher ideal and not for sterile personal enjoyment. Clearly, the Jupiter-Neptune trine is helpful in this respect as it allows for an easy flow of energy between deep generosity (Jupiter in Scorpio) and romantic ideals (Neptune in Pisces).

Of course, the hard activation of the Venus-Pluto square by the Full Moon axis reveals that there are a number of secondary obstacles due to power games in relationships or the need to put the hand deep into one’s pocket for the purpose of bringing more order and predictability (Venus in dignity at Saturn’s pure exaltation). Nevertheless, Mars, out of bounds and ready to go back to direct motion at the degree of his own pure exaltation, seems to be yelling, "It’s now or never". Thus, he provides unlimited energy reserves and may turn many into potential superheroes who fight against uncertainty and unpredictability (Mars square Uranus and semisquare Neptune). In any case, we wish you enjoy the Full Moon!

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