Saturday, 16 March 2019

Full Moon Across Aries-Libra: Lack of Balance!

On 21 March 2019, at 1:42am, GMT, there is a Full Moon across the Aries-Libra axis, the axis of equality and relationship. Similarly to any Full Moon, this one too calls for us to strike the right balance between opposing forces. Presently, we are expected to balance between Me (Aries) and You/Us (Libra), or, in other words, between selfishness (Aries) and compromise (Libra). Of course, the Sun-Chiron conjunction in Aries reveals that focusing on individual needs and desires has to be put aside so that the needs of important others are met and balance is restored.  

However, a source of frustration in the effort above will be the strong need for freedom and excitement in relationships and collaborations (mutual reception of Venus-Uranus, who is in semi-sextile/quincunx aspects to the Full Moon axis from the first degree of Taurus). Indeed, the Venus-Mars square, the respective dispositors of the Moon and the Sun, intensifies the frustrations and highlights the gap between individualism and co-operation while the fact that the Full Moon takes place at the Aries point shows that the above may have wide repercussions.

Nevertheless, one can learn how to overcome the frustrations and to bridge any gap by displaying generosity, bigheartedness and superiority (Jupiter in a learning trine with Venus and Mars). Mercury, on the other hand, in retrograde motion and in conjunction with Neptune favours introversion, hesitation and relaxation in communications, along with any delays or misunderstandings this may entail. Additionally, the sextile Mercury forms with Saturn-Pluto-South Node brings further opportunities for putting paid to rules, obsessions and power games. Lastly, given that on 5 April 2019 Mercury will return to the same degree it occupies at the Full Moon, while in direct motion this time, one may expect that by then any misunderstandings will have been resolved and any delays will have been over. In any case, we wish you enjoy the Full Moon!

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