Sunday, 21 June 2020

Solar Eclipse in Cancer: ‘Reset’ Mode

On June 21, 2020, at 06:41 am GMT, there is a solar eclipse taking place in the emotional and protective sign of Cancer. It is the second of the three eclipses of this summer but it is the only solar. Although eclipses, especially solar ones, have always been considered a bad omen, it is important to understand that they mark the end and the beginning of important chapters in our lives. This eclipse, in fact, takes place on the day of the summer solstice in the first degree of Cancer, which is a critical degree and one that activates the all-important Aries point. So now, much more than ever before, this solar eclipse marks the end of an entire chapter in human history and the beginning of a new one.
With the Moon out of bounds and the Lights in a quincunx with Saturn in Aquarius, it is obvious that there is an extreme need for security, protection and entrenchment with a simultaneous need to find clever ways to adapt to social demands and the required modernization. After all, given that at the end of the year Saturn will meet Jupiter in the same degree it occupies now, inaugurating the Jupiter-Saturn synodic cycle in the air element, one realizes that what happens now is a "rehearsal" for the new chapter that opens for humanity at the end of the year. This chapter is directly related to the characteristics of the air element.
So, for the next decades of our lives, we would expect the need for communication, learning and social networking along with the promotion of culture and humanistic ideals to be ‘fashionable’. Distance learning and teleworking will be part of everyday life in combination with technological and scientific developments that will allow the shift to wind energy and other renewable energy sources. Now, therefore, with Venus retrograde and Mercury also retrograde in Jupiter’s pure exaltation and in conjunction with Sirius and Canopus, humanity is given the opportunity to make spiritual, philosophical and moral revisions and reassessments. No matter how small and insignificant these may appear, they will lead us to new ways of thinking, communicating and travelling and they will have great consequences for society as a whole. We wish that the ‘reset mode’ humanity is now will have the general welfare as its primary concern!

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