Sunday 3 October 2021

New Moon in Libra: The Emergence of Inner Gold


On October 6, 2021, at 11:05 am, GMT, there is a New Moon taking place in the harmonic, diplomatic and cooperative sign of Libra. Like any New Moon, this one too calls for us to make a fresh start in that area of ​​one's horoscope where it happens to fall. Due to the sign’s nature, favored are those beginnings that have to do with relationships, collaborations and legal cases. However, with Venus, the New Moon’s dispositor, in an anaeretic position, and with many retrograde planets, one realizes that there are many pending issues that, if left unresolved, can even lead to the end of a relationship or collaboration. After all, Venus triggers the impending lunar eclipse of November 19 and, combined with the fact that Pluto is about to go direct after five months, a sense of urgency becomes evident so that the two parties of the relationship or collaboration can radically reconsider the way they think about one another.

The main reason for this radical review will be the need for mutual compromises and intelligent solutions that allow the experience of more freedom (New Moon quincunx Uranus). Of course, every time Pluto ‘wakes up’, it is good to remember that together he awakens passions, burning desires and power games that can bring out the worst in someone. Nevertheless, a more constructive use of the intensely plutonic energies of this New Moon would be to carry out an inner purification and transformation in order to be reborn. This way, one may turn himself or herself into an alchemist and use their ‘funnel’ to distill their inner ‘gold’ to offer it in their relationships and collaborations.

Given that the New Moon is conjunct Mars, thus opening a new Sun-Mars cycle, we realize that this inner purification and transformation will be a slow process that may last up to two years. The first results may appear, however, by the end of November given that, along with the Sun-Mars cycle, a new Sun-Mercury cycle will soon begin, culminating at the end of next month. What part of yourself will you begin to purify under this New Moon in order to offer it to others clean and immaculate?

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