Sunday 1 May 2011

Prince William & Kate Middleton: A Fairytale of a Wedding

Given the recent media obsession with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, I thought I should write about it from an astro-psychological point of view. Similarly to a person’s birth, one can draw a chart for the birth of any event, weddings included. Looking, therefore, at the chart of William and Kate’s wedding, which was ‘born’ in London at 11.00 am on the 29th of April 2011, one can already see some of the potential qualities of this marriage, as well as of William and Kate as a married couple. The most basic energies in any chart are revealed by the Sun, the Moon, the Ascendant and the Midheaven; it is these four elements around which I will weave my analysis.
William & Kate's wedding chart for London, 11am, 29/04/2011
I have already talked about the importance of the Sun in one of my previous posts (click here to read more about it), but suffice it to say here that the Sun in the chart of William and Kate’s wedding represents their purpose in life and the qualities that they will consider important for their development as a married couple. The Moon, on the other hand, represents their shared past and origins, as well as their emotional needs. Regarding the Ascendant, this symbolises their appearance as a married couple, the way they approach the world, and the first impression they leave behind, whereas the Midheaven represents their shared ambitions and qualities for which they will want to be recognised and admired.
First of all, we need to note that William and Kate’s wedding has Sun in Taurus in the 10th house and Moon in Pisces in the 8th house; it also has Leo Ascendant and Midheaven in Aries. Let us now take a closer look at the meaning of all this. With the wedding Sun in Taurus, William and Kate will consider stability, material security, loyalty and pleasure as very important for their development as a married couple. They will want to build a marriage that is meant to last; a marriage that can be a source of comfort for both of them. This is a very grounded and solid marriage that will focus on endurance, patience, continuity and tradition, so that both parties can rely upon each other for calm, serenity, joy, warm-heartedness, consideration and material comfort and security. The wedding Sun in Taurus is also an excellent indication of fertility, which augurs well for the production of offspring; this is further supported by the Sagittarian cusp of the 5th house in the wedding chart, which could be translated as ‘abundance of children’, or, alternatively, as ‘mutual quest for meaning in the production of children’. With the entrance of transitting Jupiter in Taurus this coming June, let’s not be surprised if we hear that Kate becomes pregnant by the end of this summer!
The fact that William and Kate’s wedding Sun is situated in the 10th house reveals that all of the Taurean qualities mentioned above, such as fertility, calm, solidity, comfort, permanence and material security, are among the qualities that William and Kate will want to be recognised and admired for. In fact, the 10th astrological house is more closely related to the family’s social status and to the ambitions that the family, the mothers and grandmothers in particular, have for the married couple. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Taurean qualities of longevity, tradition, reliability, endurance and material security and comfort are highly associated with William’s royal family; it is probably not a coincidence that his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, is Taurus herself! Rumour has it too that it was she who insisted on William getting married to Kate and that Kate’s mother also meant for her daughter to get married to someone who came from a rich and well-established family. These rumours are substantiated by the 10th house Taurean Sun of William and Kate’s wedding and seem to suggest that both the Queen and Kate’s mother want this marriage to be a symbol of endurance, solidity, loyalty and material security.    
With the wedding Moon in Pisces, William and Kate share a dreamy, magical and romantic past. I believe it is the placement of the wedding Moon that reflects the fairytale nature of this wedding: Kate Middleton has been portrayed in the media as the modern Cinderella, that is, a girl of poor background who got saved by Prince Charming. Indeed, in spite of coming from a line of working class labourers and miners on her mother’s side of the family, Kate Middleton managed to fulfil every woman’s dream by falling in love with and getting married to a prince!  
However, the wedding Moon in Pisces is equally reflective of the possibility of William and Kate sharing a somewhat vague and confusing past marred by sadness, loss or even deceit. In fact, William and Kate had broken up four years ago for several weeks, officially because of excessive media attention; nevertheless, rumour has it that William felt he was too young to commit at the time and thus wanted to become involved with other women too, which must have saddened Kate immensely. Moreover, the sadness and grief that followed the death of Princess Diana, William’s mother, in 1997 is another aspect of William and Kate’s sad past denoted by the wedding Moon in Pisces.
In terms of emotional needs, the wedding Moon in Pisces reveals that William and Kate share a need for empathy, selflessness, sacrifice and personal dissolution. It almost seems that they support and care for each other unconditionally and that they want to lose themselves in one another. It is thus possible that William and Kate have idealised their emotions towards each other and that they regard themselves as soul mates. After all, the 8th house placement of the wedding Moon also reveals that this marriage is based on deep emotional bonds. Therefore, it seems that William and Kate will want to fully share both their internal and external resources, that is, their emotional worlds and finances. The Piscean nature of their wedding Moon, combined with the fact that it is ruled by Neptune in Pisces, about which I have already written (click here for further info), further suggests that they may even choose to share their material and emotional resources with the wider public in quite a glamorous manner, in order to relieve those who suffer. After all, it appears that William fell for Kate when he saw her at a charity fashion show! We might thus expect most generous acts of charity and compassion on their behalf, as well as promotion of religiosity, altruism or even spirituality!
Having examined the potential qualities of William and Kate’s marriage on the basis of the placement of their wedding Sun and Moon, let us now take a closer look at the meaning of the angles, that is, the Ascendant and Midheaven of the wedding chart.  With Leo ascending, this wedding appeared, quite literally, kingly and royal; therefore, the first impression that William and Kate will probably leave behind in their public appearances will be one of royalty, nobility, dignity and glamour. They will also want to appear impressive, generous, big-hearted, confident and assertive, but perhaps somewhat pompous and overdramatic. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is in Taurus in the case of William and Kate’s wedding chart, so their kingly, dignified and luxurious appearance will have to be somewhat combined with or moderated by the importance they attach to gentleness, lovingness and tranquillity.
With regard to the wedding Midheaven in Aries, it seems that, apart from the Taurean qualities mentioned above, William and Kate will want to be respected and admired for exhibiting some Aries characteristics too as a married couple. I have extensively written about this sign in previous posts (click here to refresh your memory), but let us say here that William and Kate will seek to be respected for showing enthusiasm, boldness, courage and a pioneering spirit that defies other people’s expectations. These tendencies are exacerbated by the fact that in William and Kate’s wedding chart there are five planets in Aries, three of which (Mercury, Venus and Uranus) are very close to the Midheaven.
Therefore, with Mercury and Venus in Aries in conjunction with the wedding Midheaven, it is possible that William and Kate will want to be recognised for communicating and showing affection in an enthusiastic, passionate, honest, and speedy manner. With Venus and Uranus in Aries in conjunction with the wedding Midheaven, it is further possible that they will appreciate being respected for their original identity and their fearless rupture with the past. Examples of the aspects above can be certainly found in the fact that they kissed twice, contrary to the protocol; that they left Buckingham Palace driving a sports car; and that Kate became part of the royal family despite the fact she doesn’t have royal blood!
In conclusion, the astro-psychological analysis of William and Kate’s wedding chart reveals the following story. William and Kate share deep emotional bonds to the extent that they seem to offer each other unconditional love and support. They also share a dreamy, magical and romantic past, which is, however, characterised by a great degree of vagueness and sadness. With their royal wedding, which appeared perfectly majestic, kingly and luxurious, the two families intend to create a symbol of endurance, tradition, loyalty, fertility and material security. Although this intention is also shared by William and Kate, they further wish to create a symbol of fearless rupture with the past that allows them to be a unique and original royal couple in many ways. Stay tuned so that you find out in my following post what the expected relationship is between the charts of the United Kingdom and of William and Kate’s wedding!

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