Wednesday 28 November 2012

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: The Importance of Secrets and the Finger of Fate

On November 28th 2012 at 14:48, GMT, there is a lunar eclipse on the 6th degree of Gemini. In line with my past writings, what happens at the time of an eclipse is the culmination of events and emotions. More specifically, a lunar eclipse is practically a Full Moon, where the Moon is located in such a position that it’s hidden by the light of the Sun, which then magnifies the importance of such a Full Moon. Thus, a lunar eclipse is a great time for exploring emotional and domestic matters of importance, for dealing with issues of the past and for severing or strengthening important relationships. More often than not, a lunar eclipse brings about the expression of powerful emotions that unite and bind two people together. However, equally often a lunar eclipse brings about some sort of emotional drama, which is caused either by us or by others, and which aims at expressing needs and emotions that have been brewing under the surface for quite some time. Although there is no general consensus regarding the duration of the effects of the eclipses, the peak of their influence is usually felt within a month before and after the actual date of the eclipse.

The current eclipse takes place in Gemini, that is, the sign of communication, learning, negotiation and exploration of our immediate surroundings. So, this eclipse will remind us of our need to engage in important communications and negotiations as well as to collect information and to learn things that are important to us. Furthermore, it will remind us that we need to excel at multi-tasking, to take many short trips and to hold important conversations with people from our immediate surroundings such as neighbours and close relatives. Nevertheless, because of the eclipse all these activities and communications may create plenty of emotional stress. Perhaps, stress levels will be particularly heightened during this lunar eclipse, because things seem to get out of our control and our free will. This is so because the role of fate comes to the fore given that the Moon will be part of an astrological configuration that is closely connected to fate, that is, the ‘Yod’ or ‘The Finger of Fate’

More specifically, the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter will be on the top of this configuration and will be in quincunx aspects with the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and the Venus-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio; these last two conjunctions will also be in sextile aspect to one another. One way to decode this highly rare combination of six planets in a Yod formation is the following: our need to be free and to improve the quality of our routines and family life (Moon-Jupiter conjunction) may be the cause of stress and irritation (quincunxes) when we attempt to explore opportunities (sextiles) for taking initiatives that will transform and purify (Mars-Pluto conjunction) long-term relationships in our lives (Venus-Saturn conjunction). The pretext for this transformation may be given when ‘fate’ brings about the revelation of information that we would have preferred to keep secret (Mercury in Scorpio). Thus, it may well be that secrets of ours or of close others in our lives are revealed at the time of this lunar eclipse. Although this will help us feel relieved for no longer having to carry such secrets, it becomes evident that our relationships with others will never be the same again, whether we are the ones to share or to hear the secrets… Those relationships that are based on solid foundation will most probably withhold the seriousness of this new piece of information. However, those that were built on shaky foundation will probably go down… Until my next post, I send love and light to all of you!

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