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2013 Predictions – Part II

Following from my previous post, this one too will focus on some of the insights that we can get from the stars regarding the ways in which 2013 will unfold in relation to our zodiac sign. Following the tradition of my blog related to starting from Pisces and moving clockwise in the zodiac, this post will cover Sagittarius, Scorpio and Libra; the next one will be about Virgo, Leo and Cancer; and the last one will cover Gemini, Taurus and Aries. The main astrological indicators that I will focus on are the transits of Jupiter and Saturn, although I will take into account transits of the faster moving planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) as well as those of the slower moving planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Jupiter will remain in the sign of Gemini until June 26th 2013 and will then move to Cancer where it will stay until June next year. On the other hand, Saturn will remain in Scorpio for the whole year. Concerning the slower moving planets, Pluto and Uranus will remain in Capricorn and Aries, respectively, whereas Neptune will be in its natural ‘habitat’, that is, Pisces.

If, as I suspect, you’re only interested to read about your personal zodiac sign (or the sign of your loves ones!), please scroll down until you find it. Each paragraph is devoted to a different sign, Sagittarius coming first, Scorpio second, and so on. If you’re not quite sure under which zodiac sign you were born, you'll notice the start and end dates of each sign being depicted in brackets next to the name of the corresponding sign. Please also note the following two things: a) If you were born on the cusp between two adjacent zodiac signs (e.g., April 20th, which would be the end of Aries and the beginning of Taurus), you might find it useful to read both signs and b) you might find it equally useful to read the sign of your Ascendant as well. For example, someone who was born on May 21st and has Scorpio ascending (like me!) would get more out of reading the signs of Taurus, Gemini and Scorpio.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

With Jupiter opposite your sign, you are the second most favored sign of the zodiac following Gemini, until June 26 when Jupiter enters Cancer. The transit of Jupiter, which is the planet of luck and development, opposite your own sign is one of those transits you should be making the most of. Although from this position Jupiter can bring a certain tendency toward excess and over-optimism, it does open doors and quite a few actually. Those of you born during the first half of the sign (i.e., November 22 – December 7) have already witnessed Jupiter’s luck and support during the second semester of 2012. In the first semester of 2013 the rest of the sign also will gradually feel Jupiter’s support, especially from mid-April to late June.

Therefore, the first semester of 2013 is a period of significant, though perhaps hasty, development, where opportunities will come your way but more probably as a result of your own willingness to seek them out. These opportunities will help you achieve even greater autonomy and to see life with more optimism and wanderlust. This is because Jupiter’s action is liberating: it breaks the shackles that may have imprisoned you in a relationship, job or situation that was stagnant and thus helps you spread your wings and fly. It is almost certain that with Jupiter in your seventh solar house you'll have luck and improvement in terms of marriage, relationships and professional partnerships. Because in your case Jupiter rules both your most personal aspirations and your home and family, it is very likely that you will be given a relevant gift that you may have been waiting for some time now. This gift can be several things such as moving to a nicer house, buying a new house, moving in with your partner, expecting a baby, getting a job you have always wanted, going to university, receiving some college education or simply taking a trip you've always dreamt of taking. 

Especially for those of you born November 24-27 Neptune in your fourth solar house promises you the ideal home; just don’t let yourself be fooled, because "all that glitters is not gold." Irritation due to delays or misunderstandings regarding your home, family and career should be expected from February 23 until March 17 because of Mercury’s retrograde motion. Patience will be needed until April 6 before you can put an end to some of these delays and misunderstandings. Moreover, the May 25 lunar eclipse will take place in your sign, activate Neptune and bring some emotional climax in relation both to your personal objectives and to your home and family. Nevertheless, the simultaneous triple conjunction of Mercury-Venus-Jupiter in your seventh solar house shows that this emotional climax may be linked to a wedding or a very good business deal that may be done though in secret. Finally, Jupiter will enter the sign of Cancer on June 26 to stay there until the end of the year. From that position it will bring you luck and development in relation to tax and inheritance issues, while the finances of your partner or some other important person in your life will be favored which will benefit you too.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

With Saturn in your sign, this year is expected to be very important, though not necessarily easy, especially for those of you born from October 27 to November 12. Given that Saturn is associated with method, seriousness and diligence, you will be asked to demonstrate these qualities, which is something that you might take as great pressure. From your first solar house, Saturn will remind you that you have to get down to work and that you need to make significant and perhaps painful cuts in your life; in doing so, you will manage to remove those elements that no longer serve any purpose. Thus, with Saturn in your sign you will be asked to detach yourself from habits of the past that have nothing to do with your current needs. Among other things, this may mean that you will have to make some budget cuts, although Jupiter from your eighth solar house will provide some financial support by a significant person in your life from early February until the end of June. It may be that your partner or spouse is better off financially than you are and so you benefit too.

In any case, Saturn in your first solar house entails significant responsibilities that have to do with personal issues and objectives as well as professional partnerships and romantic relationships. More specifically, there can be a significant change to your social recognition and status such as getting married or divorced, becoming a parent, getting a promotion at work, retiring or making your own home. While some of these are welcome, others may seem quite tedious because they may entail tons of obligations to be met, such as preparations for a wedding or the arrival of a new baby. Another possibility is that you feel that the relationship with your parents, especially the father, weighs heavily on you. For example, one of your parents may be ill and you have to spend a lot of time looking after them or worrying about them.  

You will be directly affected by both the April 25 lunar eclipse in your sign and the May 10 solar eclipse that will take place in the sign opposite your own. Eclipses will lead to the climax of processes but also to emotional tensions associated with what has been said above. That is when the changes regarding your social status and recognition, such as marriage, children, promotion, etc are more likely to take place. One of the most positive periods of the year is expected to be the period from September 11 until October 7 when Venus will be in your sign and you’ll want to indulge in love affairs, outings, dining, and socializing. The period from October 21 until November 10 will be rather bumpy though, especially for those of you born within that period. The reason will be significant delays that Mercury retrograde will bring in personal matters, but also in communications with your partner or spouse. Patience will be needed until November 27 before you can put an end to some of these delays. Finally, Jupiter will enter the sign of Cancer on June 26 to stay there until the end of the year. From there it will increase your need to open up your mental horizons through getting enrolled in higher education, travelling abroad and working with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

With planet Uranus opposite your sign and Pluto in a sign that is in natural conflict with yours for more than a year now, this year is expected quite challenging for you! The square of Uranus and Pluto, which most strongly affects those of you born between September 27 and October 5, will mark a series of radical changes related to important areas of your life such as your family, your parents, your actual home, your career and your social position. More specifically, with Uranus in the sign opposite your own a significant person in your life, such as your spouse or partner, will want to initiate a radical change without necessarily thinking about the consequences. If you are the one to initiate this change, then you will probably do so by force majeure.

The impetus for this radical change may come when your boss or one of your two parents try to impose you their will. Chances are that this imposing is done in a subtle or sneaky way, for example through some emotional or financial manipulation. This situation will upset your emotional world and may impel you to change jobs, career, home or family situation. In any case it will create opportunities for you to get much closer to fulfilling your purpose in life, even if it apparently happens with great intensity and emotional upheaval. The bottom line is that you are moving away from things, people or situations that you were used to in the past. If you experience the upcoming and dramatic changes in a rather negative way, then remember that the more you resist, the more difficult it is to adapt to them. But even if you experience the upcoming changes as a good thing, remember that you will need time to digest your new reality. In any event, the changes in your life will help you gain a whole new sense of who you are and what you want. Dates near which these changes will culminate are May 21 and November 1.

One of the most positive periods of the year is expected to be the period from August 16 until September 11 when Venus will be in your sign and you’ll want to indulge in love affairs, outings, dining, and socializing. Irritation may be on the agenda though from June 26 to July 20, especially for those of you born October 6-16. The reason will be related to significant delays or misunderstandings that Mercury retrograde will bring regarding your career and work as well as your home and family. Patience will be required until August 4 before you can put an end to some of these delays and misunderstandings. Moreover, Jupiter will enter the sign of Cancer on June 26 to stay there until the end of the year. This transit will increase your desire for social recognition and improvement of your social status and position. A career change, a promotion, a marriage or a business opportunity that will open up new roads is therefore among the possible scenarios for the second semester of 2013. Finally, the October 18 lunar eclipse opposite your sign will mainly affect those of you born close to that date and will bring some emotional tension between you and your partner; this tension will have you consider breaking up or further strengthening the bond between the two of you.

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