Friday 11 January 2013

New Moon in Capricorn: Life-Changing Professional Beginnings

On January 11th at 19:45, GMT, there is a New Moon on the 21st degree of Capricorn. In line with what happens at every New Moon, this one too gives us an excellent opportunity to make a new beginning in some field of our lives. Because the sign where this New Moon rises is that of Capricorn, a sign related to our professional life, reputation, ambitions and need for work, discipline and security, it is almost certain that we’ll be able to close a chapter and open a new one in relation to any of the Capricornian interests mentioned above. Actually, with the New Moon in conjunction with Mercury in Capricorn, we can safely expect that this new beginning will be the result of long deliberation and careful planning; well thought-out and careful moves are thus favoured by this New Moon. This is also the time to reap the fruit of past labours, so those who have worked in the past will be now rewarded. Furthermore, freelancers will benefit the most from investing in opportunities for original and perhaps provocative advertising (Jupiter in Gemini in sextile to Uranus). 

Let us note that the New Moon is disposed by Saturn in Scorpio, which means that the beginning we’ll make regarding our professional life or ambitions will radically transform our lives. After all, this is also implied by the sextile of Saturn and Pluto. However, at the same time Saturn in square aspect to Mars in Aquarius points to tension that may frustrate our new beginning: the path to success won’t be strewn with roses and we may have to take two steps backwards for every step forward. Compromise will therefore have to be considered, probably related to financial hurdles and practical difficulties which will thwart our desires. Nevertheless, we can see this compromise as an opportunity to act with discipline, seriousness and professionalism so that we can eventually satisfy our desire for independence and originality. This is particularly so for those born around the middle of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) or for those with planets or ascendant/midheaven in the middle of these same signs.

Apart from professional developments that may transform our lives, there may also be new beginnings or ends regarding our love life too. With Venus also in the sign of Capricorn, many of us will seek out a serious relationship if we don’t have one already, but if we are already committed to someone, this may be the time for making it official. Care is needed, however, with any new love stories we start under a sky like this, because the New Moon takes place with Venus in harsh aspects to both Pluto and Uranus. This translates into the possibility of passions flaring up faster than the speed of light only to dissipate shortly after a few days or weeks… Therefore, if you think you have met the ‘love of your life’, think twice because there is a great chance they are not ‘the one’... This goes especially for those of us who may already be in a relationship and consider leaving it for this new love, because the Mars/Saturn square, is not at all forgiving… There may also be, however, some lover from the past knocking on your door which you may decide not to even open.

More care is needed though with regard to our financial resources, because it might so happen that we engage in a spending spree only to realize a few days later that our savings are all gone… Nevertheless, spending money frenetically may actually come in the form of a robbery or burglary, so be particularly alert these days… Those especially affected by these negative aspects of Venus are those born under the zodiac signs that belong to the long-suffering Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). Those born in the first decanate of these signs, as well as those with planets on the first ten degrees of these same signs are particularly affected. Those most favoured among you are the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), especially those of you born towards the last decanate. Until my next post, I send love and light to you all!

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