Monday, 22 July 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius: Culmination of life-changing ideas!

On Monday, July 22nd, 2013 at 6:15 pm, GMT, there is a Full Moon across the Leo-Aquarius axis with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in the sign it rules, namely Leo. Generally, a Full Moon across this axis calls for striking the right balance between our need for social contribution (Moon in Aquarius) and our desire for entertainment and self-affirmation (Sun in Leo). Thus, we are expected to have fun with friends but also to shine by providing emotional support to them or to groups and organizations to which we belong. Nevertheless, the square and the quincunx / semi-sextile that the Full Moon axis receives from Saturn and Venus, respectively, suggest that financial or work obligations and restrictions may hinder our desire for having fun with friends.

Furthermore, this Full Moon helps us enjoy the fruits of some of the ideas that came to mind following the Sun-Mercury inferior conjunction at the previous New Moon on July 8th. More specifically, those ideas were related to settling outstanding issues pertaining not only to contacts, discussions, transactions and learning activities that started around mid-June (when Mercury entered its shadow period) but also to work and other important and strenuous activities that took place mid-November (when Saturn was once more in the same place as now). Also, the fact that Mercury has just gone back into direct motion and is practically stationary reveals that we will be quick to put into practice the ideas that came to mind about two weeks ago. Note, however, that these ideas won’t come to full fruition until after the Sun-Mercury superior conjunction on August 24th.

Anyway, Mercury’s involvement in the t-square between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto suggests that the ideas (Mercury) we wish to implement represent initiatives (Mars) that give us the opportunity (Jupiter) to dynamically set goals and take action (t-square) in order to change our lives in quite radical (Pluto) and revolutionary ways (Uranus). Because Mercury is in the sign of Cancer, one could say that the areas of life about which we need to radically change our way of thinking are our home and family life, our relationships with our parents and children, as well as our ability to show love, care, kindness and emotional support.

Finally, let's not forget that this Full Moon takes place with a grand trine in water between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune (Mars is also involved being conjunct Jupiter and trine Saturn/Neptune). This planetary formation reveals that the initiatives (Mars) that were mentioned above have the capacity to either fulfill deeply or to deny overwhelmingly (Saturn in Scorpio) big dreams and ideals (Neptune in Pisces) associated with opportunities for creation / preservation of family and emotional ties (Jupiter in Cancer). Note too that this grand trine favours emotional expression and therapy through contacting our emotional world and acknowledging whatever it is that causes us fear. Enjoy the Full Moon!

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